CONTEST: How Does Your Company Go Texan?

Cowboy boots, big belt buckles, horses, wagons, trail riders, smoky barbecue, livestock, carnival rides, turkey legs, headliner entertainment, calf roping, mutton bustin’, bull riding, it’s all a part of our favorite time of year here in Houston. It’s Rodeo time! The rodeo kicks off with Go Texan Day which ushers in the trail riders as … Continue reading “CONTEST: How Does Your Company Go Texan?”

Tenant Spotlight: Lights, Camera, Worldfest!

This month’s spotlight features Hunter Todd, award-winning producer/director and CEO of WorldFest Houston, located at 9898 Bissonnet, Suite 650, in Houston, Texas. WorldFest Houston is a non-profit organization that acknowledges talented filmmakers and screenwriters from around the globe. Read on to learn about how WorldFest Houston started the Houston Film Festival and how Boxer Property … Continue reading “Tenant Spotlight: Lights, Camera, Worldfest!”

Support for Veteran Owned Businesses

With Veterans Day quickly approaching, Boxer Property is pleased to announce that the Department of Veterans Affairs has signed a lease at Pavilion Towers, 2851 S Parker Road, in Aurora, Colorado. The lease was finalized at the end of October and they will be moving into their new offices at the end of November. “We … Continue reading “Support for Veteran Owned Businesses”

Showing Support for Women in Business

With 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., bringing in $1.4 trillion in sales every year, there has never been a more exciting time for women in business. We sat down with two of our women-owned business tenants to help encourage and show support for women in business around the country. Benefits of Women-Owned Businesses … Continue reading “Showing Support for Women in Business”

Your Friendly Neighborhood Farmers Insurance Agent in Houston

A happy coincidence brought Kevin Williams to insurance and he’s never looked back! He’s found his niche of providing excellent service to his insurance customers, all due to a possible customer service fiasco that with his quick problem solving skills turned into a positive for his career. Tell us a little about your business & … Continue reading “Your Friendly Neighborhood Farmers Insurance Agent in Houston”

Customer Spotlight: Office Tranquility with Carrera Counseling

We sat down with Priscilla Cote, a Licensed Professional Counselor, with Carrera Counseling Services, who leases office space in The Woodlands, located at 10210 Grogans Mill. Tell us about Carrera Counseling, what type of services do you offer? I’m a psychotherapist and I offer individual counseling sessions for people who are experiencing depression and anxiety, … Continue reading “Customer Spotlight: Office Tranquility with Carrera Counseling”

Customer Spotlight: Actus Logistics

With their roots deeply involved in the logistics industry, it was only a matter of time before lifelong friends David Kolinofsky and Eric Ward would seize an opportunity to launch their own logistics company. Actus Logistics LLC is a third-party logistics provider specializing in land and air transportation solutions, prioritizing in cost-savings while working closely with their customer’s supply … Continue reading “Customer Spotlight: Actus Logistics”

Tenant Spotlight: The Law Office of Ral Obioha

Our Tenant Spotlight this month features The Law Office of Ral Obioha, PLLC at 6201 Bonhomme Road in Houston, TX. As the Principal Owner and Attorney for her firm, Ral’s career in law began in Washington, D.C., where she earned her Juris Doctorate degree from Howard University School of Law and her Masters of Law (Summa Cum Laude) … Continue reading “Tenant Spotlight: The Law Office of Ral Obioha”

Tenant Spotlight: Smarter HR Solutions

Our Spotlight this month focuses on Nicole Bellow, founder of the Houston-based HR consultant company, Smarter HR Solutions. With her Houston office space located at 1322 Space Park Dr, Nicole has set out on her own to provide her clients tailored HR solutions for their businesses, backed by her 20+ years of experience in the HR industry. Learn more … Continue reading “Tenant Spotlight: Smarter HR Solutions”

Tenant Spotlight: Meier Clinics Foundation

Our spotlight this month focuses on Nancy Meier Brown, President and Co-founder of Meier Clinics Foundation in Wheaton, IL. The non-profit organization aims to provide a network of faith-based counseling services to those in need. With their office space headquartered at 2100 Manchester Road, Meier Clinics has had an established presence in Wheaton, IL area since 1986. Read on to … Continue reading “Tenant Spotlight: Meier Clinics Foundation”