When you seek attractive office space for rent in Boston, Massachusetts, you’ll want to explore the great bargains in upscale commercial properties available through Boxer Property. Our great customer service assists many clients in developing their business enterprises. Begin by leasing a single office, then expand into a plush executive suite! You’ll find room to grow and network when you join our roster of satisfied tenants. The attractive lease terms and competitive rates, the excellent building amenities and our responsive management services hold great appeal for businesses in Massachusetts.


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Boxer Property offers attractive rental facilities for commercial ventures. We hold great appeal for many business owners. The ability to contact management easily at any hour or the day or night enables tenants to work more comfortably in an office environment. We supply convenient office space and access to useful facilities, such as conference rooms and meeting rooms.

Boxer Property treats every firm as a unique, important enterprise with vital interests in enjoying an effective work space. Additionally, Boxer Property assists tenants by furnishing an office environment conducive to networking. Tenants in the same building benefit through collaboration and creative approaches to problem solving. We offer facilities designed to support young companies as they expand into larger businesses.


Unlike some commercial landlords in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area, we permit tenants to negotiate convenient lease terms. You may discover, for instance, that entering into a short-term lease initially leads your company to sign a much longer lease agreement with us. After gaining the opportunity to become familiar with working in a Boxer Property, you may want to seek an extension of your lease and become a long term commercial tenant.

Additionally, our tenants who seek office space for rent in Boxborough, Massachusetts benefit from simple, clearly understood leases. You won’t need to expend a lot of resources in order to appreciate all of the terms in the agreement. By keeping leases simple and straightforward, Boxer Properties helps tenants avoid confusion and focus on the tasks that interest them the most: running successful, growing businesses.


When you lease an Executive Suite from Boxer Properties, you’ll gain access to some important amenities. We enable tenants to begin by renting small office spaces and then expand into larger facilities as necessary. With our flexible approach, you can begin by renting only the space you actually require. If your company needs an entire floor, or a significantly expanded square footage, our flexibility will appeal to you. In many cases, we can accommodate rapid expansion.

An Executive Suite in a Boxer Property offers ample parking, an on-site complimentary coffee bar, and free WiFi access. We select attractive buildings, enabling you to show off your new office to clients and customers. They’ll appreciate the stylish decor and the clean, well-maintained premises. In addition, we offer equipped conference rooms and collaborative spaces. Companies enjoy obtaining rental space in our listings.


Boxborough offers outstanding value to commercial tenants. The community consists of 5,000 people at the present time, yet the town sits just off Highway 495, conveniently located on the fringe of Boston’s expansive western growth corridor, not far from Nashoba Valley skiing and recreational opportunities. Tenants who act quickly to reserve their place in one of Boxer Property’s well-maintained buildings enjoy a great opportunity to benefit from all the future growth anticipated in the local area in coming years.

Boston remains one of the premier cities in the world. With many thriving businesses and a vibrant port, the Boston area holds appeal for numerous enterprises. Visit our properties in Boxborough to appreciate all that this comfortable locale offers. Available affordable housing, a low crime rate and a well-educated, affluent work force all contribute to the value of commercial properties in this community on the outskirts of Boston.

Boxborough offers freedom from traffic congestion and a chaotic pace of life. The ability to enjoy a serene work environment enables many entrepreneurs to nurture young firms into thriving enterprises. The above-average educational attainments of the labor force in Boxborough means that many workers in this community possess in-demand job skills. Employers seeking a highly skilled, enthusiastic work force will appreciate Boxborough’s attractions.

Additionally, the community of Boxborough enjoys a significantly lower crime rate than Boston. You’ll enjoy living and working in a small town environment, yet at the same time possessing ready access to the urban area. Inquire about leasing office space in a Boxer Property in Boxborough today to experience a wonderful quality of daily life!


If you are one of the many sole proprietors, partnerships or small businesses thriving in the country today, you are probably in search of the perfect one room office to take your Boston business to the next level. Although it can be tempting, choosing a cheap office space isn’t always the best option. Check out Boxer Property’s abundant selection of single office spaces in the Boston, MA area including Marlborough, Boxborough and more.

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