5 Predictions for Hartford Office Space in 2017

Hartford office space has been taking off and doing well for a while now. But now with signing bonuses, promotions, and increased amenities, professionals are moving their offices to Hartford. There are deals to be had, top of the line properties, city improvements, sharing options to save, and unique co-working options that can provide business … Continue reading “5 Predictions for Hartford Office Space in 2017”

Crosskey Architects LLC Relocates to Historic Building in Hartford

October 13, 2016 (Hartford, CT) – Boxer Property is pleased to announce that Crosskey Architects LLC has relocated to 750 Main Street in Hartford, a building that allows the firm to showcase its unique talent for designing modern spaces that preserve historical character. “One of the things that really intrigued us about our new office … Continue reading “Crosskey Architects LLC Relocates to Historic Building in Hartford”

Top Hartford Submarkets for Office Space

The office market in Hartford has in recent times has seen some difficulties in vacancy rates. The recession saw occupancy rates go down but this gradually picked up and by 2015 things were looking up again. The greater Hartford area has 5 main submarkets with the Hartford Central Business District being a confluence point of … Continue reading “Top Hartford Submarkets for Office Space”