Customer Spotlight: Integrated Listening Systems in Aurora, Colorado

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This month’s spotlight features Integrated Listening Systems, located in the Pavilion Towers at the 2821 S Parker Road office space in Aurora, Colorado. Randall Redfield is co-founder of Integrated Listening Systems and developer of the Dreampad, a pillow that plays music through quiet vibration to help kids and adults sleep better.

Randall has appeared on Shark Tank with the Dreampad and, although he didn’t get any bites, the product did make a name for itself, selling out shortly after the episode aired. We spoke with Randall about how Integrated Listening Systems got started and about his company’s experience with Boxer Property.

About Integrated Listening Systems

Integrated Listening Systems is a music and movement therapy system that is used by therapists and patients around the world. Even though many clients live in places where trained ILS therapists are not nearby, Integrated Listening Systems can send a package with a headset and waist pack that plays music and instructs the patient on various physical movements to connect the mind and body. The results have been wonderful for kids who have autism, ADHD, dyslexia, as well as for adults who have suffered brain trauma or injury.

History of Integrated Listening Systems

Auditory therapy isn’t a new concept, but what is unique about Integrated Listening Systems is the combination of auditory and movement therapy. Randall’s partner, Dr. Ron Minson, is one of the foremost experts in listening therapy and has been using this in conjunction with his psychiatric practice for years. At the same time, Randall had been practicing movement therapy and decided to join forces to put the two therapies together. Integrated Listening Systems therapy was created, connecting music and movement, and helping with coordination and attention.

While it was initially developed for people with conditions like ADHD and autism, Integrated Listening Systems found that the therapy can really benefit anyone. Since the founding in 2007, they have had strong results and have trained more than 10,000 therapists in over 30 countries around the world.

Experience at 2821 S Parker Road

Integrated Listening Systems has two suites in the Pavilion Towers. In addition to a fantastic view of the Rockies, their office space on the 8th floor is a professional office environment with many amenities. “If we have to be inside all day, we might as well have a great view and lots of natural light,” Randall told us about their decision on an office space.

Their shipping department is housed on the first floor of the adjacent tower, making it easy for FedEx and UPS to pick up shipments of the Dreampad that are sent all over the world. In total, there are more than 20 team members between the two suites.

The Integrated Listening Systems team especially likes the friendly property management and responsive maintenance crew. “Every time we have a complaint about the heat or the cold, they respond right away, and that’s important,” says Randall.

For more information about Integrated Listening, visit:

Website | Email | Phone: (303) 741-4544 | Facebook | Twitter


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