Customer Spotlight: Gill Digital Services and Gill Partners

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Our April Customer Spotlight features Gill Digital Services and Gill Partners at 4100 Spring Valley Road, Suite 920, in Dallas, Texas. We met with co-owner Barbara Gill at her Dallas office space to learn more about what motivated her to launch her businesses and how Boxer Property helps them to run smoothly.  

About Gill Digital Services

Gill Partners (a division of Gill Digital Services) is a Texas-based business development company that assists women-owned, minority, and mid-market clients with growth and office space expansion.

They support clients in sales and revenue, market and community outreach, business relationship events, and business certifications. By focusing on these areas, they help companies design business development strategies that work for them in each unique office space.

“Our top business goal for this year is to continue to climb the ladder of success by doubling our number of solution contracts,” Gill says.

History of Gill Digital Services

In 2002, Gill and her husband owned a freelance court-reporting firm, where they wrote depositions to subpoena documents for trial at their Dallas office space.

Gill Digital Services was founded shortly after when one of their clients needed help converting 128 boxes of court exhibits into digital format.

“We went from a paper-intensive company to a paperless company. For the next 20+ years, we converted all of the hospitals, schools, and corporations—any environment that had a lot of paper. [With the Kodax Scanning Service Bureau’s help], we created more CDs, external hard drives, and cloud storage, where the paper became electronic images,” Gill says.  

In 2010, Gill noticed that she had done such a great job that it appeared that her clients didn’t need her anymore, but they still needed office space assistance, vendors, copiers, and more.  

“That’s literally where Gill Partners became the vision of Gill Digital, and that is where I now help my clients in providing all of their advertising and marketing, office equipment, and paperless solutions.”

Experience at 4100 Spring Valley Road, Suite 920

Gill Digital was a Boxer Property tenant at a Dallas office space for five years before they relocated due to a new business partnership. At the end of the project, they revisited their original office space at 4100 Spring Valley Road and negotiated a new three-year contract.

“I believe the service that is given by this building’s team is A+. I could call our property manager, Diane, and say, “Diane, my lock on my door broke.” Not even five minutes later, I will have someone at my front door. It is immediate, caring, and attentive,” Gill says.


For more information about Gill Digital Services and Gill Partners, visit:

Website | Email | Phone: (214) 808-3950 | Facebook | LinkedIn


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