Best of the BEST: Window Film Installation

You’re probably already very familiar with the phenomenon of solar heat gain, if not the nitty-gritty science behind it. Basically, it’s the reason we (begrudgingly) close the shades at home on hot, sunny days – and it’s the cause for some very steep cooling bills. For many buildings, window film solves the problem of being … Continue reading “Best of the BEST: Window Film Installation”

Houston Office Space of the Week – HostGator

HostGator, a worldwide provider of dedicated web hosting, was one of the largest commercial real estate leases of 2013 in Houston. Their corporate headquarters at 5005 Mitchelldale Street occupies 61,056 square feet of the four-story office building near the intersection of I-290 and 610. We were interested to see how they were faring in their new Houston office space , so … Continue reading “Houston Office Space of the Week – HostGator”

Houston Executive Suites of the Week – LG Entertainment Office

While visiting the Boxer Workstyle space on the fourth floor at 2855 Mangum , we caught a glimpse of LG Entertainment’s office space, and knew we had to come back to meet the tenants. The wedding entertainment company has a fascinating paper flower installation spilling across the walls of two neighboring suites. The walls are also used to showcase a projector … Continue reading “Houston Executive Suites of the Week – LG Entertainment Office”

Advantages of Office Space in Southwest Houston

Choosing where to set up an office in Houston presents a unique challenge because of the vast options. With over 634 square miles of land inside the city limits, and 10,062 square miles in the greater Houston metropolitan area, it can be downright daunting unless you know something about the different areas of the city. … Continue reading “Advantages of Office Space in Southwest Houston”

Easy Ways to Make an Impact on Earth Day

Have you heard the story of 14-year-old Suvir Mirchandani, who concluded that the U.S. government could save $136 million annually by simply switching the font used on its official printed documents? It all started as a science fair project to investigate ways his school district could save money and promote sustainability. He showed us how … Continue reading “Easy Ways to Make an Impact on Earth Day”

What is “Boxer Energy & Sustainability Tracking (BEST)”?

Our previous posts on BEST, our Energy and Sustainability program have discussed energy efficiency as our primary approach to achieving sustainability within our portfolio. We also introduced how Boxer Property is organized to maintain efficient properties and in this post we will help you understand BEST a little better by defining its components. The Boxer … Continue reading “What is “Boxer Energy & Sustainability Tracking (BEST)”?”

How is Boxer Organized to Manage Sustainability?

We introduced Boxer Property’s Energy & Sustainability directorate in our last post. And if we are to adhere to our Boxer Energy & Sustainability Tracking (BEST) principles of efficient use, it only makes sense that we are organized in a like manner. So it should come as no surprise that we have a committed team … Continue reading “How is Boxer Organized to Manage Sustainability?”

How Boxer Property is Embracing Sustainability?

Boxer Property is a company that fully embraces the concept of sustainability. There is growing awareness that greenhouse gas emissions, declining resources and increasing waste volumes must be addressed by all members of society, public and private. While new technologies hold great promise for improvements in all these areas, the best way to be ‘green’ now is … Continue reading “How Boxer Property is Embracing Sustainability?”

Why Atlanta Office is Hot for Business Growth

Atlanta is becoming growing market because of commercial and industrial companies thriving there. Increases in jobs, office space, and conference rooms. Atlanta for Business Growth Boxer Property recently added to its Atlanta portfolio because we feel it’s a great business market. If you don’t believe us, check out these stats from the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce: Financial website … Continue reading “Why Atlanta Office is Hot for Business Growth”

Why North Austin is Great for Business

North Austin Business Austin, TX is ranked as the #1 most livable city in the United States by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Austin is not only the capital of Texas, but given its proximity to the downtown area and access to major routes of transportation (including public transit), North Austin is not far from the action. It’s a great place … Continue reading “Why North Austin is Great for Business”