Tenant Spotlight: Statistical Vision, LLC

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As one of our newest tenants at Republic Square I (Houston), Statistical Vision, LLC is a consultant business that has developed a unique and innovative method to help businesses understand their data in a clear and concise way. The co-founders of Statistical Vision, Dirk Van Slyke and Michael Griebe, aim to give their clients the ability to make better business decisions by providing them a new way of looking at their data.

We caught up with Dirk at his new Houston office space in the heart of the Energy Corridor to chat about the Statistical Vision, what makes their process a one-of-a-kind, and how Boxer Property is able to assist with their daily operations.

statistical vision co founder dirk van slyke statistical vision co founder dirk van slyke june 22 2024
chief vision officer dirk van slyke

Tell us about Statistical Vision, Dirk.

DV: We are a unique marketing consulting practice that focuses solely on helping organizations go to the next level. The next level could be anything: revenue, profit, customers, or even brand or product development. Our approach is based on a unique combination of strategic and innovative marketing methodologies and advanced statistics and econometric methods. Simply put, the nexus of math and strategy.

Our techniques are squarely rooted in advanced statistics and econometric methods. Clients get direct answers, a more concise view of their performance, what their data implies about their business, and what types of strategies might be employed to capitalize on their assets. In short, we answer questions, and the questions stay answered.

statistical vision co founders dirk van slyke and michael griebe statistical vision co founders dirk van slyke and michael griebe june 22 2024
co founders dirk van slyke and michael griebe

What’s the history behind Statistical Vision? How did your unique concept come about?

DV: We find ourselves in unique times. Businesses and their varied marketing channels generate unprecedented amounts of information. Determining how to spend your marketing dollars is notoriously difficult.  As John Wanamaker put it (in the early 1900s): “Half the money I spend on marketing is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Just in the past few years, I have struggled with these vast amounts of data coming from desperate sources – to solve for the issues, I have hired experienced business analysts, implemented five and six-figure Business Intelligence tools, and had yet to find a solution that truly gives me confidence in making decisions.

Until recently, when I met a colleague who has a unique skill set not typically utilized in marketing. My business partner, Michael Griebe, is an Oxford-trained economist and statistician. These guys typically work with financial and IT types, but rarely are used in marketing. He and I were discussing his latest projects – a pricing analysis for a cell phone company in Europe, for example. Then it hit me – this is the solution – individuals with advanced mathematics degrees might be able to solve for these challenges. So he and I started experimenting with this methodology, and it has been nothing short of transformational. We have been working together for three years now.

As businesses seek to grow, the risks and the rewards grow.  The implications for margins, overhead, and investment become increasingly important. The number of considerations climb. The risks and threats of bad decisions hinge on making the best decisions you can. We help turn successes (and missteps) into a scale-able and repeatable success story.  We employ advanced statistics, economics and game theory, combined with decades of marketing experience, to analyze your data and history, determine statistically what works and what doesn’t, and partner with you to develop and implement a data-driven course of action that will take your business to the next level.  Using an experienced team of marketers, economists, statisticians and researchers, we can tell you the “how” and the “why” and immediate ways to make improvements. We enable data to make better business decisions with confidence.

What has your experience in the space been so far?

DV: Wonderful. It’s just such a great space, in a beautiful environment – it’s like we are in this quiet, wooded oasis in the midst of this chaotic, huge, international city.

republic square event center republic square event center june 22 2024
republic square training facility
republic square event center conference room republic square event center conference room june 22 2024
republic square event center

How effective is Boxer Property at meeting your needs?

DV: We’ve been very pleased so far, and are impressed that they continue to invest in the improvement of the physical plant, but also seem to be utilizing technology; for example in how we manage our account, pay our invoices and request services.

How did you come to be at one of our Boxer Property locations?

DV: I was looking for something that was a good location – no more than a 15-minute commute from my home in Katy, yet central enough to get to major areas quickly, like City Centre, the Galleria, etc. But I needed something that also had world class meeting facilities, since we work with a lot of vendors, have clients come to meet with us from around the world, and host thought leadership events and trainings with industry associations, like the American Marketing Association.

*See our list of questions to ask before renting space!

statistical vision conference room statistical vision conference room june 22 2024

Tell us about yourself – what inspires you?

DV: I have been consulting for more than 25 years now, focusing on growth for early stage to middle market companies. My primary focus has been on branding, strategic direction, channel and product development and direct marketing.

I have been married for over 18 years, have two teenage children, and live in the Katy area. I was born in Houston, went to school at the University of Texas at Austin, and have lived and worked professionally in Austin, Dallas, Denver but have settled back home to Houston.

Top business goals for this year?

DV: Our goals are:

    • to continue to grow our client base;
    • to make several key hires this year;
    • to provide thought leadership and mentorship to our industry and our client industries;
  • and to elevate our place in the community by giving back generously.

For more information about Statistical Vision, visit:

13501 Katy Freeway, Suite 1140, Houston, TX 77079

Phone: (281) 404-4484

Email: [email protected]

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