Boxerween Costume Contest Winners!

There was some strong competition for the #Boxerween Costume Contest! We have awesome customers and you guys really brought you’re A-game! We had such an amazing and overwhelming response that we actually are awarding multiple winners for each category! Drum roll please….The winners are: View the winners gallery: Scroll through the Gallery by clicking the … Continue reading “Boxerween Costume Contest Winners!”

3 Simple Ways to Maintain a Positive Office Space

October is Positive Attitude Month, one of Boxer Property’s favorite annual celebrations. Positivity in the office is critical to employee success and happiness, which is why October has become a special time for Boxer management and employees. By adding positivity to the office space, we make extra efforts to stay personable and accommodating in everything … Continue reading “3 Simple Ways to Maintain a Positive Office Space”

Showing Support for Women in Business

With 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., bringing in $1.4 trillion in sales every year, there has never been a more exciting time for women in business. We sat down with two of our women-owned business tenants to help encourage and show support for women in business around the country. Benefits of Women-Owned Businesses … Continue reading “Showing Support for Women in Business”

Show Us Your Office Halloween – CONTEST!

Add a splash of fun to your office culture, invite your employees to come to work in costume! Remember, keep it PG and save the sexy stuff for after hours. It’s a great team building activity to do a group costume or wow people with your outrageous creativity with pool noodles and face paint. Bring … Continue reading “Show Us Your Office Halloween – CONTEST!”

Boxer Property Taps Blake Morris As New Chief Financial Officer

October 16, 2018 (Houston, TX) — Boxer Property is pleased to announce that Blake Morris has been hired as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Joining Boxer from an offshore (O&G) drilling company, Mr. Morris comes with a lengthy background in corporate finance and institutional investment in both private and public companies. In this role, Mr. Morris will … Continue reading “Boxer Property Taps Blake Morris As New Chief Financial Officer”

The Top 4 Ergonomic Office Product Trends

Office employees spend an average of eight hours per day sitting at their desks and working on a computer. Sedentary work can lead to health issues and injuries, which is why National Ergonomics Month was instituted—to educate employees on how to improve health and ergonomics in their office space. The use of ergonomic office products … Continue reading “The Top 4 Ergonomic Office Product Trends”

How Does Art Impact the Workplace?

Art in the workplace performs a more significant function than many realize. Some of the less conventional types of artwork can become great conversation pieces, and colorful paintings can jazz up meeting rooms. However, one often-overlooked effect is artwork’s ability to increase productivity. Research performed in both the US and Europe has revealed that office … Continue reading “How Does Art Impact the Workplace?”

Boxer Property & Stemmons Enterprise Use of AI and Blockchain Featured on

Boxer Property is thrilled to be featured in the Houston Chronicle on how we’re using blockchain and AI technology to run our properties and launch business operations platform, Stemmons Enterprise. Check out the article on Photo: Dave Rossman, Houston Chronicle

NTCAR Recap of the 2018 Commercial Real Estate & Developer Expo [Gallery]

Scroll through the gallery using the directional arrows. NTCAR Commercial Real Estate & Developer Expo had an outstanding turnout on August 29th, held at the Sheraton Dallas in Downtown Dallas. In attendance were over 100 exhibitors including Commercial Real Estate companies, Local Chamber of Commerce organizations, and Economic Development groups. Over 1500 local business professionals … Continue reading “NTCAR Recap of the 2018 Commercial Real Estate & Developer Expo [Gallery]”