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Executive Suites for Lease


Boxer Workstyle is an innovative and creative solution to office environments that strive to encourage communication and productivity. Our Workstyle executive suites and coworking offices offer a unique mix of comfort, amenities, and aesthetics to encourage a happy and functional work space.

PDF model floor plans and suites. 

About Boxer Workstyle

Since 1992, Boxer Property has been leasing and managing office space for businesses of all sizes, with a particular focus on executive suites for rent for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Boxer Workstyle is the latest example of our commitment to provide an office environment tailored to the modern small business. We now have locations in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, and more!

Culture is a huge part of the contemporary workforce. The antiquated office - sterile, fluorescent and stuffy - is often counterproductive to the nature of present-day employees that are tech-savvy and working on the go. That's why we've designed Workstyle executive suites and coworking offices with open floor plans and stylish, creative aesthetics that fit the future of work culture: fashionable, mobile-friendly space that fosters collaboration. 

Executive Suite Amenities Include: 

Why pay an extra charge for every small add-on? Boxer Workstyle offices often come included with a number of amenities often only seen on full-price executive suites.  Here are a few perks we offer tenants!

Free Wi-Fi

When is the last time you worked a full day without the Internet? Companies today can’t function without this essential service, so they continue to shell out $300 or more per month for access. Tenants at most Boxer Workstyle locations, however, receive free Wi-Fi access throughout the office, including conference rooms and common areas.

Creative Meeting Spaces

Getting up out of your chair, changing work settings, and conversing with others can enhance your creativity. The strategic flow of Boxer Workstyle buildings allows for serendipitous interactions during everyday activities. It’s one of the most innovative aspects of premier executive suites, and its benefits shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Nationwide Access

Need to travel to another major city to work or meet with clients? Make a seamless transition with access to many Boxer Workstyle offices across the nation. Our network of offices can also help you affordably establish your business in new markets.

24 Hour Access

Every entrepreneur knows that late nights and early mornings come standard with owning your own business. Don’t let traditional office building hours stifle your productivity — our Workstyle buildings offer convenient 24-hour access, often with key card control, security patrol, and surveillance around the clock. Set your own hours, and feel safe whenever you choose to work.

Conference Rooms

You’ll always have a professional place to meet with a customer or client — our well-equipped, modernly designed conference rooms offer a spacious, comfortable setting for your meetings and presentations.

Types of office ENVIRONMENTS worktsyle Offers:

Collaborative Atmosphere
​From meeting rooms to lounge areas and breakout space, Boxer Workstyle makes it easy for your team to let ideas flow openly.

Single Offices
Perfect for small businesses to find like-minded companies to work alongside, with plenty of room to expand as your business grows. 

Desk Space
Get to work quickly with a dedicated desk amid a larger coworking atmosphere. Excellent for start-ups looking for meaningful business collisions on a daily basis. 

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© Boxer Property, All Rights Reserved