5 Predictions for Hartford Office Space in 2017

5 predictions hartford office space 2016 5 predictions hartford office space 2016 may 23 2024Hartford office space has been taking off and doing well for a while now. But now with signing bonuses, promotions, and increased amenities, professionals are moving their offices to Hartford. There are deals to be had, top of the line properties, city improvements, sharing options to save, and unique co-working options that can provide business growth for any type business. Whether you are an individual professional looking for office space to share or you own a company that wants options and amenities for your employees, you will find what you need in Hartford, CT.

1. Look for Deals on Office Space in Hartford

Even though vacancies are less in the local market there are still deals out there that you can find for your business. In a quick internet search for office space in Hartford, CT , you might find several promotions that local real estate agents are running as incentives to sign a lease. From 1 month free to 6 months free there are great money saving advantages to leasing office space in Hartford, CT. Agents were also offering signing bonuses. There are also some great investment opportunities available with buying office space and leasing it or using it for your own business. Office lease options are also available for a fraction of the cost of setting up your own space. Businesses can find options to only pay for the space and time they need such as a short term or long term arrangement.

2. Top of the Line Amenities

Companies specializing in leasing and/or selling office space and buildings are upping their game in Hartford, CT. You can find office spaces for rent that include amenities such as an on-site gym, underground parking, video conferencing, premium furnishings, and so much more. There a many options available that fit within a company’s budget.

3. Local Amenities are Improving

There are many amenities improving locally too. Planned improvements include renovations to the XL Center, increasing restaurant and entertainment venues at Front Street and the prospect of the University of Connecticut moving its West Hartford campus to the old Hartford Times building. Food, music, entertainment, museum, nightlife, and educational opportunities can all be within walking distance or short drive from your office space in Hartford, CT.

4. Sharing Office Space to Save

Office outsourcing and sharing in which businesses share space, staff and other resources is starting to gain momentum in Hartford, CT. Tenants can find leasing options that include free coffee and Wi-Fi, plus the use of copiers, fax machines and other office equipment and supplies. Again, there are lots of options here that can fit into your business’s budget. Sharing office space options offer a safe and educational environment for businesses to grow, alongside other freelancers, non-profits, and contractors. From inspiring office designs to collaborative environments
to shared reception areas, administration, and technical support, you can find some great, money saving opportunities for your business in Hartford, CT.

5. Unique Co-working Options Available

There are definitely co-working options available in Hartford, CT, including professionals being able to lease space with other entrepreneurs. Beautifully designed spaces are available to professionals seeking this type of opportunity. These types of spaces cater to freelance workers, small business start-ups, individual contractors, legal representatives, and more. Flexible arrangements are available to professionals looking for this type of option.

There are lots of options to serve your needs and also to save money. If you are looking at leasing or buying office space in Hartford, CT,now would be the time to do it. The number of available vacancies are falling as noted in local publications.

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