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Addison is one of the best places for commercial real estate developers. The town has transformed into a business hub in the past two decades. It fosters a good climate for business incubation and development. With the increasing rate of business growth, real estate developers must work harder to offset the looming supply-demand deficit that is likely to occur in the Addison area of Dallas, TX.

Boxer Property is among the companies that have set foot in Addison to provide commercial real estate services to businesses and local residents. We have millions of square feet of commercial real estate for lease in Dallas. We have a wide variety of buildings spread across different regions in Addison. You can find a list of our commercial office spaces in our websites. You can also get in touch with our agents for more information about our commercial real estate locations in Addison.

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How Do I Find Commercial Properties for Lease in Addison?

We have a team of marketers equipped with extensive information on properties in Addison, especially those managed by us. Some of the information you will get include the amount of rent, floor plans, photo samples and the square footage. We constantly update our inventory and show available properties in real time. We allow people to chat with our agents and even book a tour privately. We have properties suitable for both small and large companies.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

We produce floor plans whenever our customers request it. Our plans with executive suites are detailed, which allows for our customers to make an informed decision before they tour a property. Our experienced agents can also give clients more information related to the property, such as major highways in the vicinity and information on surrounding businesses.

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Where Do I Find Commercial Property for Sale in Addison?

Finding credible information online can be challenging. Anybody can post on the internet, regardless of whether the information is accurate or not. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure our records are up to date and accurate. Feel free to contact our team of experts for more information on buying a commercial property in Addison.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Many of our listings found here are owned by Boxer Property. We can also help connect potential buyers to third party owned properties. Boxer focuses on adding value to underachieving properties in the form of marketing, renovations, property management and other services provided by our Asset Management team.

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Addison CRE Market Research Sources

There are a lot of resources available out there for commercial real estate tenants. We have an active blog that informs people about the recently purchased and leased buildings in Addison. We also provide small businesses with tips on how to develop a strong business presence. There are also helpful sources of information about Addison commercial real estate online.

Wikipedia: Addison Economy

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