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With over 4 million square feet of commercial real estate for lease and sale in Dallas, Texas, Boxer Property can help you find an ideal Dallas office space or commercial property for your business. Location is a major advantage of leasing commercial real estate in Love Field. The area is situated within 10 minutes of the historic Love Field (DAL) Airport. Having an office in the Love Field area means you’ll be surrounded by notable Fortune 500 companies such as, Southwest Airlines, HollyFrontier Corporation, and Chief Oil & Gas.


Featured Dallas Office locations:

Northbrook Atrium Plaza
2351 W Northwest Hwy

The Atrium on Elmbrook
8204 Elmbrook Dr

Eighty-Five Hundred Stemmons
8500 N Stemmons Fwy



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Love Field CRE News

Stay up-to-date with Boxer Property as we regularly add new properties to our growing portfolio. Listed below are some of the latest updates from Dallas/Fort Worth:

How Can I Search For CRE In Love Field?

To find a commercial property to rent or lease you can research online yourself or enlist the help of an experienced commercial real estate broker.

Online Commercial Real Estate Listings

Boxer Property wants to make finding your ideal commercial property as easy as possible. We update the commercial properties on our website regularly and offer live chat, so you can get the most up-to-date information available in an instant.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

All those interested in leasing commercial real estate need to have the best and most accurate information about market prices, policies, and laws from trusted commercial real estate brokers. We often collaborate with third party commercial brokers and their smaller clients by using our Quick Start Referral System. Our team of knowledgeable in-house brokers are also available to assist you in finding the perfect property for your needs.

How do I find commercial properties for lease in Love Field?

You can find commercial properties for lease in Love Field here. All of our office spaces for lease include photo galleries, square footage information, floor plans, and more to help you make an informed decision. Chat with our live agents online for immediate assistance. You can also book a tour the same day in most of our properties.

From single room offices to full floor rentals, Boxer Property offers a wide range of commercial leases from small to large. Our signature Dallas executive suites, Boxer Workstyle, come equipped with crucial amenities such as free Wi-Fi, conference rooms, presentation equipment, and collaborative work areas.


Commercial Building Floor Plan

We offer many spacious and modern properties to choose from. The floor plans are as detailed as possible to give you an idea of how you can utilize the space. Available floor plans include those for retail and office space. 



Where do I find commercial property for sale in Love Field?

Searching for commercial properties online can be a difficult task due to outdated information. Our records at Boxer Property are always up-to-date as our most recent transactions are automatically synced with our database, giving you real time availability. News about our recent acquisitions are published through our press releases and other popular media outlets.

Contact our acquisitions department for more information on buying a commercial property. Our team of highly experienced asset managers and commercial brokers are available to assist commercial real estate owners.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Boxer Property owns many of the buildings listed in our portfolio. We have the ability to connect interested buyers to third party property owners. We strive to add value to underachieving buildings by performing renovations, providing marketing services, providing property management services, and much more. Learn what our asset services can do for you, here.

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Love Field CRE Market Research Sources

Here are other sources to learn more about commercial developments happening in the Love Field area of Dallas, TX.

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