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Below is a listing of the commercial real estate properties in Dallas. you can lease in the Farmers Branch area of Dallas, TX. We also have office buildings for lease located around the entire Texas area. If you need help sorting through our large listings of commercial real estate buildings and office spaces in Dallas, we have a live agent ready to assist you!



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Featured Farmers-branch Office locations:

214.651.7368 (RENT)

How do I find commercial properties for lease in Farmers Branch?

When we list a property on our website, we go the extra mile and provide not only detailed information about the properties for lease, but also photo slides, floor plans, area measurements, and much more. With our continuously updated inventory, you can see every property as it becomes available. Our live chat option makes it possible to talk to an agent over the internet and then go on to book tours of properties that seem a good fit.

Boxer Property strives to meet the needs of every client by providing both small and large-building commercial leases. Whether one is looking for a simple building to house a children’s boutique or a multi-employee office, we have properties to fill each possibility. Our executive suites in Farmers Branch include amenities such as conference rooms, work spaces for collaborative efforts, and free Wi-Fi. 

Commercial Building Floor Plan

Before we take a tenant on a tour of a property, they can get a good feel of the space by viewing our detailed floor plans. These plans help you to understand the entire lay-out of the building and how it will best suit your needs. Here is an example of a building floor plan at our location at 1910 Pacific Avenue in Dallas:

dallas building floor plan

Where do I find commercial property for sale in Farmers Branch?

Sometimes, finding the right property can be a challenge since many online sources have outdated listings that don’t reflect the building’s true status of availability. Rather than allowing tenants to go on a wild goose chase, our records of commercial properties for sale in the Farmers Branch area are continuously updated automatically. Our press releases make it possible to keep up with the properties as we acquire them. To discuss the possibility of making a commercial building purchase in Farmers Branch, clients are urged to contact our acquisitions team.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

To best serve our clients, Boxer Property owns many of the buildings within its listings. In this way, we can guarantee that all properties are up-to-date on renovations, repairs, and technology. If you wish to purchase a 3rd party building, we can assist you. Learn more about Boxer Property’s asset services.

dallas commercial property for sale

Farmers Branch CRE Market Research Sources

When it comes to keeping up with news and development in the Farmers Branch area, there are a lot of different sources available. We are proud of our blog that helps clients to understand which properties Boxer Property has acquired and sold. If you want additional information about commercial developments in Farmers Branch, visit the following:

Wikipedia: Farmers Branch Economy

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