Small businesses are the backbone of this country. America was built by many people who had a great idea and pursued that idea with passion to find success. At Boxer Property, we work hard to support that American spirit with a wide selection of properties for rent or purchase. When you are in the market for a commercial real estate property in Duluth, Georgia, be sure to contact us. We have a variety of buildings suitable for just about any business in both Duluth and in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta

Boxer Property offers an easily searchable database, knowledgeable brokers and live leasing representatives to help small and large business owners find an ideal commercial real estate property.

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When you're ready to begin looking at places to start or grow your business, consider Boxer Property. We update the information below every time we buy, sell or renovate a commercial real estate property so you always have the most up-to-date news.


Business owners can easily find commercial real estate properties online from many different web sites, by reading real estate trade publications that often list available properties, or by speaking with a local commercial real estate broker.

Online Commercial real estate listings

The invention of the internet has provided a faster, more complete way of sharing a great deal of information in just about every aspect of our lives. In the area of commercial real estate, that means that prospective buyers or renters can check out many more properties without ever leaving their desks. You can consider locations, floor plans and costs, comparing and contrasting them, before you make the time investment of driving around to see properties in person. If questions arise during your online research, call Boxer Property for answers.

Commercial real estate brokers

If you'd prefer to work with real people instead of conducting your own online research, Boxer Property can match you with one of our experienced in-house brokers to help you with your search. In addition, we assist outside commercial brokers and their smaller clients with our Quick Start Referral System.

How Do I Find Commercial Real Estate Properties For Leasing In Duluth?

Come visit our Duluth office buildings and research everything from floor plans to square footage easily and quickly. If you are a single entrepreneur, you can find a one-room space to suit your modest needs. If you are a large business owner seeking to rent an entire floor of a large building, we can provide options for you there as well. Consider one of our signature Atlanta executive suites, Workstyle, which come with several office amenities such as conference rooms and Wi-Fi for free. When you've narrowed down your choices, give us a call and our friendly agents would be happy to schedule a visit for you, often on the day you call.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

We have uploaded floor plans that contain detailed specifics so you can check out several commercial real estate properties easily. Tour only your top selections and gather as much information as possible to make the best decision for your small or growing business. Give us a call if you have questions. Take a look at a sample floor plan here. 

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Where do I find commercial property for sale in Duluth?

While a quick internet search will display many properties for sale in Atlanta, most of these listings are outdated and don’t reflect the building’s true availability. We work to provide only the best results by syncing our database with all our recent transactions along with detailed press releases. 

Commercial properties are easy to find on various real estate web sites. You may want to check with the real estate companies about how frequently their sites are updated. Don't spend a lot of time using sites that are potentially out of date; you may be better off working with a broker who has current information. Boxer Property automatically updates our databases every time we make a purchase or sale so you know your searches on our system are current.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

If you'd prefer to buy a commercial building instead of leasing, consider meeting with our acquisitions team. Our seasoned asset managers and brokers are happy to answer all your questions about purchasing commercial real estate in Duluth. Our staff is also well-connected with third-party sellers who may give you additional purchasing options.

In addition, Boxer Property offers asset management services. We often bring value to our older properties in the form of renovations. We also provide marketing and management services making the property more workable for business.

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Duluth CRE Market Research Sources

Information is power, and in the age of the internet, that information changes rapidly. Stay informed by checking the Boxer Property blog for our latest news, acquisitions and sales of commercial real estate, and visit this space to gather critical information about the local economy.

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