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We’re always looking for opportunities to partner with other businesses to improve services to our customers, We are interested in connecting with you about your business deal, whether you’d like us to manage your property, acquire or sell a property. We have interests in a variety of property types and how we can work with you. Select from one of the areas below for more information.

Every business has unique needs when it comes to commercial property such as space calculations, building security, and various other maintenance challenges. The expert commercial property managers at Boxer Property have the experience and resources to provide you with great solutions!

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Customer service is our main priority and Boxer Property offers many different services to focus on providing the best practice and systems in the industry to help maintain our high customer standards.

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We value our relationship with brokers. Learn about the advantages of working with Boxer and take advantage of our referral program, in-house services and fast commission payments.

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We are actively pursuing acquisitions of multi-customer office buildings, mortgages on office buildings, retail centers, pad/land parcels and hotels/resorts throughout the United States for closely held partnerships.Read More

Want to offer your services to Boxer Property? Fill out a quick form and a customer service representative will contact you regarding the process. Please review our Vendor Terms & Conditions before submitting a vendor request. Read More

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