Colorado Springs Commercial Real Estate For Lease

Boxer Property makes leasing and buying office and retail space easy with multiple Colorado Springs listings. Local merchants will find properties to meet their business needs, including available spaces that are as small as a one room office and as large as an office suite with dozens of offices and conference rooms.

Find listings of commercial real estate buildings below. In addition to our Colorado Springs locations, our live agents can assist you to search through our database of buildings for commercial properties in other nearby markets, such as Denver.


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How Can I Search For CRE In Colorado Springs?

Finding commercial properties can be found through two options. One is to search the internet on your own, and another is to contact a real estate broker.

Online Commercial Real Estate Listings

Technology puts information at your fingertips, which enables tenants and property owners to conduct their own commercial real estate research. Boxer Property makes the search process even easier with our live agents who are standing by to answer whatever commercial real estate questions you ask.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Boxer Property works with a broad network of outside brokers to provide the best information available to the tenants these broker represent. Our team of experienced in-house brokers helps tenants locate properties to meet their business’ needs. We often work with commercial real estate brokers through our referral system, which helps them streamline the process of finding properties for smaller clients.

How do I find commercial properties for lease in Colorado Springs?

Because your time is valuable, we help you avoid wasting it on useless searches by continually updating our inventory to show all of our available properties and office spaces for lease in real time. Boxer Property listings include comprehensive information showing exactly what each property offers a potential tenant, including floor plans, square footage, photos and available suites, as well as reception areas, closets, and open space.

From one room offices to rentals covering an entire floor, we service both small and large commercial leases to meet your business needs. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can operate like big businesses or corporations by leasing our Workstyle executive suites. These suites are affordable and include numerous amenities offered in larger office settings, including conference rooms, shared workspaces, and free Wi-Fi. Our Workstyle suites also include break rooms and lounges.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

Detailed floor plans are available for each of our listings to help you make an informed leasing decision. Whether it is a small suite of offices, a Workstyle executive suite or an entire floor of workspaces and conference rooms, you can see the layout and design before you ever step foot in the building. Our leasing agents are ready to give you additional details, such as property amenities and what other businesses are located nearby. Here is an example of a floor plan from one of our commercial properties (from our 685 Citadel Drive East location in Colorado Springs).

Where do I find commercial property for sale in Colorado Springs?

Searching online can be challenging because the information is not always up-to-date, but our records are always current. We automatically sync our property database with recent buying and leasing transactions, and our acquisitions are usually available through press releases on our site and through popular publications.

Get details about commercial building purchases by talking to our acquisitions team. Our team includes experienced brokers and asset managers who are ready to help commercial real estate owners.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner:

As the owners of most of the properties in our portfolio, we can help connect interested buyers and owners of other buildings we don’t own. Boxer Property is focused on increasing the value of underperforming properties through renovation, marketing, management, and other needed oversight. Learn more about Boxer Property’s asset services here.

Colorado Springs CRE Market Research Sources

Many resources are available to find commercial property information about Colorado Springs. Our blog’s focus is announcing Boxer Property’s recent building sales and purchases, but we also include tips to help businesses grow. For other information about property developments in Colorado Springs, check out these helpful links.

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