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Boxer Property has many commercial real estate locations available that are designed to fulfill the needs of businesses in the Denver and Aurora, Colorado area. Whether your company needs a simple single office space or a large commercial suite, Boxer Property’s 500,000+ square footage of commercial property is sure to have exactly what you are looking for.

The listing of commercial buildings that are available for lease can be found below. There are sites located in the Denver area, as well as others. If you have any questions or need additional information, our agents are standing by to assist you in any way they can. They can also help to search our database of commercial real estate if the listing does not show exactly what it is you are looking for.


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How Can I Search For CRE In Denver?

Finding commercial real estate in Denver can be done in a couple of ways. You can search yourself via real estate listings online, or you can use the services of brokers that specialize in this type of property.

Online Commercial Real Estate Listings

The internet has made life simple for consumers by providing them with an endless amount of knowledge and capabilities. Searching online for commercial property is a good example of one of these conveniences. In order to make researching commercial properties even easier, we have live agents available to answer questions and to help guide you towards the properties you’re looking for.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Here at Boxer Property, we work closely with outside real estate brokers to help provide the tenants that they represent with the best and most accurate information to work with. To provide even more assistance, we have experienced in-house brokers available to help tenants in their search for the best commercial property. We also provide a referral system for commercial property brokers that may have smaller clients.

How Do I Find Commercial Properties For Lease In Denver ?

At Boxer Property, we do our best to ensure you have all of the possible information available on our office spaces that we have available for lease. We provide quality photos, square footage, floor plans, and more. Our inventory of available locations is updated continuously and shows real-time information on available suites. We also have on-site agents that you can chat with and you can also schedule a same day tour for many of our locations.

Whether you are looking for an entire floor for your company or a simple single room office, we cater to both large and small commercial leases. Our Workstyle Denver executive suites are available with amenities such as collaborative workspaces, Wi-Fi internet, and conference rooms, all included for free.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

If you want a closer look at the layout of a potential property, we have detailed floor plans for executive suites and full floor rentals so you can make a better decision before even taking a tour. If you want even more details, contact one of our leasing agents, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our detailed floor plans are available for both full floor and executive suites. They help you to make an informed decision before ever leaving your computer. If you would like more information about local businesses or amenities, contact one of our leasing agents.

Where do I find commercial property for sale in Denver ?

Searching online for commercial properties can prove to be a challenge. Outdated information and availability statuses can cause delays in finding the perfect location for your company. To simplify things for you, our records are synced with recent transactions, meaning our database is always up-to-date with accurate information. Our acquisitions, for the most part, can be located through our website press releases and press releases in popular publications.

For more information on buying a commercial building, contact our acquisitions team. Our experienced asset brokers are here to help commercial property owners any way they can.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner:

Most of the buildings you will find in our portfolio are owned by Boxer Property and we can help in connecting interested buyers with 3rd party owners. Our primary focus is adding additional value to buildings that under-perform. We achieve this through property management, renovations, marketing, and other functions as deemed necessary.

Denver CRE Market Research Sources

While our blog does contain a great deal of information, its primary focus is on properties that have been bought and sold by Boxer Property, as well as tips and information for small and developing businesses. For more information on commercial developments in Denver, CO, check out these sources:.

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