Downtown Atlanta, GA is a major tourist attraction and the perfect place to locate a business. Whether you’re hoping to open your own small business or want to locate a multi-employee corporation, Boxer Property is here to help you. We have millions of square feet of commercial real estate for lease and sale in Downtown Atlanta, and will work to match you with the property you need to meet your business goals. 

Listed below are our commercial real estate buildings for lease in the Downtown Atlanta area. If you aren’t sure that Downtown Atlanta is the best place for your business, we have a broad selection of other properties throughout Atlanta,GA. If you are struggling to find the right building, one of our online live agents can help you from the comfort of your computer or device. 


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Downtown Atlanta is the city’s largest central business district. As such, we at Boxer Property recognize the need to constantly add new properties to our database and work with our existing buildings to make sure they are the best match for tenants. Listed below are some of the most recent commercial real estate updates from Downtown Atlanta  


When looking to lease or purchase commercial real estate in Downtown Atlanta, you have the option to either find the property on your own or use the services of a commercial broker. 

Online Commercial real estate listings

Technology and the use of the internet make it possible for potential tenants to find out information about buildings from the ease of their own location. We work hard to make sure that all of our online listings are easily accessible, detailed, and correct. Boxer Property also has a team of online agents ready to answer any questions you may encounter when looking for buildings in Downtown Atlanta. 

Commercial real estate brokers

Relocating to Downtown Atlanta is a wise chose but can seem like an overwhelming challenge. We make the process simple by working with outside brokers to guarantee tenants have the information they need to move forward. Boxer Property has also hired in-house brokers with the exclusive job of matching clients with the right property for their business needs. Even the smallest of clients can be reached through our referral system. 

How Do I Find Commercial Real Estate Properties For Leasing In Downtown Atlanta?


When you search for commercial real estate for lease in the Downtown Atlanta area, you don’t want to do endless tours. To save you the most time and provide you with the best results, we have put together extensive information about each listing including executive suites , photo galleries, floor plans, and square footage. Our live chat option makes it possible to contact an agent from the ease of your computer and set up a tour of the property. 

At Boxer Property, we recognize the need for both large- and small-scale businesses in Downtown Atlanta. Our listings include both single room offices and full floor rentals that come complete with free amenities such as internet connection, collaborative work spaces, and conference rooms. 

Commercial Building Floor Plan

To make sure that a tour is worth your time, our detailed floor plans make it feel almost like you are visiting the office space from the comfort of your computer or device. Our leasing agents understand what it takes for a business to succeed in Downtown Atlanta, and will work to match you with a building that is surrounded by other businesses that will work alongside you. The agents can also explain which amenities are available and how they can help you thrive. 

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Where do I find commercial property for sale in Downtown Atlanta?

Our acquisitions team will help you understand more information about purchasing commercial real estate in Downtown Atlanta. 

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Since Downtown Atlanta is a thriving area of business, we own most of the properties in our portfolio. This makes it possible for those of us at Boxer Property to provide our clients with the best building renovations, marketing programs, and property management. In addition to our properties, we can also help potential buyers connect with 3rd party owned buildings

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Downtown Atlanta CRE Market Research Sources

Downtown Atlanta is the perfect spot to see a business succeed. We want to help our clients grow, so Boxer Property is proud to provide useful information and tips about business success along with property details on our bog. Here are some other places you can visit to find out about business growth in Downtown Atlanta:  

Wikipedia: Downtown Atlanta

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