Why Traditional Property Management Is Out-Dated

traditional property management outdated cover traditional property management outdated cover may 21 2024

In the past, property managers were hired for their – well, past.

A person with previous experience was generally favored because they tended to be a jack-of-all-trades, able to oversee security, plumbing, roofing, facilities, leases, finances, event planning, electricity, ventilation and much more. In other words, they were able to help commercial tenants in any of these areas – just not with the kind of expertise, efficiency and effectiveness that a specialist in that particular area could provide.

After all, someone knowledgeable about HVAC probably isn’t who you need to talk to about event planning. And while a security person can usher your VIP guests to the right places, they probably won’t be able to answer your financial questions about leasing extra space for your special event. And when a single property manager is left to handle all of that, you won’t receive the expert support you really need.

That traditional model of property management isn’t good enough for businesses that want to succeed in today’s technology-driven world. The pace of business is excelling, and asset management needs to keep up.

Boxer’s Commercial Property Management Model

Boxer’s property managers aren’t hired solely for their past experience, but also for their ability to handle the future. As new technology emerges every year, we’re making sure that our property managers can meet your needs by embracing the latest systems that can help your business prosper.

Our property managers aren’t the only ones available to help you, either. Our model of property management is about building teams of dedicated staff who specialize in their fields and work together to help you succeed. Best of all, we put you in direct contact with the person best suited for helping you. Property managers no longer serve as the middle men to muddle things up and slow down the flow of information.

Like our customers, we’re also using new technology to make our services more efficient and effective by using data to anticipate your needs. Our monitoring systems are able to gather that data, track trends, and provide the analytics that will help us serve you better. For example, our systems track inventory and ensure that new stock is ordered before supplies are depleted.

Flexible and Adaptive Property Management Services

At Boxer, we understand that your business needs property management support that isn’t content with doing things the same way as before just because it’s familiar. That’s why the property manager no longer fulfills all roles. Instead, they oversee the team and make sure that everything works in a cohesive fashion to support your business to the best of our abilities. The team includes, a Property Manager, HVAC, Maintenance, Leasing Agent, Day Cleaner, and Security.

This also gives the property management team the freedom to adapt to your needs and provide flexible solutions that fit your circumstances. They no longer have to spend their time on routine tasks. Instead, they can focus their efforts on forward-thinking strategic planning for the services you need.

Our property managers are able to evolve with you and adapt to your changing needs in the face of rapid technological advancement. So when you’re ready to change the way you work, we’re ready to make that change with you.

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