How Relay Human Cloud’s Global Staffing Solution Has Helped Power Boxer Property

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses need the right talent to drive growth and achieve success and Boxer Property has exemplified how partnering with a global staffing company can transform business operations and fuel expansion.

Comprehensive Staffing Solutions Across Departments

Boxer’s success is a testament to the power of strategic staffing that Relay has delivered. By sharing their strategic goals, departmental targets, and identified opportunities, Relay was able to offer critical roles across all departments, from property management to customer service and marketing. This ensured they had the skilled professionals necessary to maintain their high standards of service and operational efficiency and allowed Boxer to focus on their core operations while Relay handled the complexities of recruitment and onboarding.

Driving Business Growth Through Strategic Staffing

One of the key advantages of leveraging global staffing solutions is the ability to scale operations quickly and effectively. For Boxer, this meant having access to a vast talent pool, which facilitated rapid expansion into new markets. Relay’s proficiency in sourcing qualified candidates enabled Boxer to ensure the seamless integration of new team members, thereby maintaining their competitive edge.

A Partnership for Continued Success

For global companies, accountancy firms, medium-sized businesses, and SMEs, strategic staffing offers a pathway to sustained growth and operational excellence. By choosing the right staffing partner, businesses can unlock new opportunities and drive long-term success.

Explore how global staffing solutions can fuel your business growth. Contact us at Boxer for more information on our journey and the benefits of strategic staffing.

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About Boxer Property

Boxer Property is celebrating over 30 years as an innovative commercial real estate investment and management company. Boxer Property Management Corporation is a privately held firm based in Houston that manages, leases, and administers retail, medical, hospitality, and office properties with over 15 million square feet across more than 140 locations, nationwide. For more information, visit

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