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tenant spotlight killy photography july 16 2024

Adolfo Chavez III has been an avid photographer ever since he received his first camera years ago. Also known as Killy (a nickname given to him during his childhood), his passion for photography stuck with him throughout the years. With his photography company taking on his nickname, Killy Photography has become a successful side business for Adolfo. We caught up with Adolfo in his office space at 2855 Mangum Road in Houston, TX to learn more about Killy Photography and how Boxer assists in his company’s daily operations.

Tell us about Killy Photography, Adolfo.

AC: Killy Photography is a commercial and event photography company in Houston, TX. I do corporate and social events around town, commercial and editorial portraits for various magazines, and professional headshots.

What’s the history behind Killy Photography?

AC: It’s pretty cliche to be honest! My step-father gave me a camera when I was in high school and I’ve been hooked ever since. I started back when photography was done with film and paper. Being a part of the transformation of photography into a digital profession has been tremendously exciting!

2855 mangum collaborative space 2 2855 mangum collaborative space 2 july 16 2024
workstyle collaborative space at 2855 mangum road

What has your experience in the space been so far?

AC: The Boxer Property office has been really great. It’s provided me with a comfortable and safe place for my equipment, which is a huge load off of my mind. That in itself is enough, but it has also allowed me to create a separation between my work and home life. Before, working out of my bedroom, it was hard to separate the two. Even though I was home, I wasn’t really there.

Now, I am able to give my family the attention they deserve when I am home. With my work safely tucked away at Boxer Workstyle, I am more at peace with my family.

killy photography 2 killy photography 2 july 16 2024

How effective is Boxer Property at meeting your needs?

AC: Safety and security was a big concern for me. The card access gives me peace of mind. That the office is so close to my home is incredibly fortunate and a huge benefit for me. The space itself is very accommodating to my business. My office is large enough that I can fit my equipment and still have enough room to host a client meeting if necessary.

If I needed to host more people, I could do so confidently knowing there are comfortable chairs and an inviting space. The conference room was the icing on the cake for me because of it’s so easily turned into a small photo studio! I can easily provide headshots to my clients in a comfortable and professional setting.

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How did you come to be at one of our Boxer Property locations?

AC: When I started considering a workspace, I immediately gravitated towards a traditional artist studio space as many of colleagues have; however, nothing fit my needs. After considering my work closely I determined that what a I really needed was an office space close to Highway 290 rather than a studio. Much of my work is done on-location anyway!

I discovered Boxer Workstyle at 2855 Mangum Road, which is a little over a mile from my house and was sold as soon as I walked in to the available space. The office space was perfect; the common area was inviting, clean and professional; and the large, fully wired conference room was the icing on the cake!

*See our list of questions to ask before renting space!

2855 mangum huddle room 2855 mangum huddle room july 16 2024 2855 mangum collaborative space 2855 mangum collaborative space july 16 2024

Tell us about yourself – what inspires you?

AC: Honestly, I am doing exactly what I have always wanted to do. I also work with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center as the Digital Assets Program Manager in the Communications office. I manage our photo database and provide photography for our various publications and communications projects.

When I am not at work I am a busy father and husband. I have a teenage son and young daughter that are always on the go!

Top business goals for this year?

AC: My business goals for 2017? Paying my rent! Ha! Actually, my business goals for 2017 include establishing myself as a headshot photographer of choice in the Houston area.


For more information, visit:

2855 Mangum Road, Suite 574, Houston, TX 77092

Phone: (832) 316-6303

Email: [email protected]

You can also check out Killy Photography on social:



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