Boxer Property Names Rogelio Rendón as Senior Designer

Rogelio RendonJanurary 11, 2013 (HOUSTON, TX) — Boxer Property is pleased to announce the appointment of Rogelio Rendón as Senior Designer. Rendón will oversee design for Boxer’s portfolio of office buildings, shopping malls, and resort properties across the country.  Working with Boxer’s architecture and construction teams, Rendón will create innovative environments in both tenant and common areas, focusing on repositioning and improving existing structures.  Rendón will also serve as the interior design consultant for our larger tenants.
An Architecture graduate from the University of Houston, Rendón studied at the Ecole D’Architecture Paris-vermillin, and apprenticed with noted architect Enrique Norten in Mexico City.  Rendón previously worked in Houston for Gensler Architects, and is most well-known for his design of Les Givrals Kahve Restaurant, on Washington Avenue.

Office Space Design by Boxer Property

With Rendón leading Boxer’s design efforts, Boxer Property will continue to combine functionality with design to meet today’s companies’ evolving work styles . Boxer’s build-to-suit and ready-to-occupy spaces cover the range from traditional to modern office spaces, including collaborative, coworking, and executive suite options.

Office Work Space Design

With Workstyle spaces rolling out all over the country, we’re focusing on a better environment for companies and entrepreneurs to work in. By providing amazing and interesting artwork, we’re able to spark conversation between tenants.

Facilitating modern, open spaces helps teams collaborate. We have wide spaces in both our Boxer Property buildings as well as Workstyle executive suites to really encourage tenant interaction. Office space design is becoming more and more important to tenants and businesses as a creative environment can help inspire teams.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the working experience for our tenants and ourselves. We love experimenting with office space designs to find new and better ways to work. The office should be a place to create, not to dread going to day to day.

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