With more than a half million square feet of commercial office space available for lease and purchase in Phoenix, Arizona, Boxer Property has ample space to meet the needs of area businesses. Our buildings are located in various areas of the city, from Encanto Village to North Mountain Village and range in size from two floors to 16 floors.

Below is a list of our available commercial building spaces in Phoenix. We also have spaces available in other markets. Our live agents are ready to help you use our database of properties to search for commercial real estate options.

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Featured Phoenix Office locations:


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Glendale Commercial Real Estate


Get the latest news and updates regarding commercial real estate from Boxer Property. We regularly acquire new properties and add value to benefit business tenants. Check out this list of recent updates about our Phoenix properties.


You can find commercial properties by searching on your own or by enlisting the help of a real estate broker.

Online Commercial Real Estate Listings

Advances in technology makes it easy to find out anything you need to know, including details about commercial real estate listings. That’s why some people choose to conduct their own research. Boxer Property is ready to assist you! We have live agents available to answer questions you might have about our commercial listings in Phoenix.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Boxer Property diligently works with outside brokers to make sure their tenants get the best information possible. Our in-house brokers are veterans in the field, and they work hard to find the perfect office space to meet the needs of their tenants. We also offer a referral program for commercial real estate brokers who are busy but don’t want to let any of their smaller clients go without service.


How do I find commercial properties for lease in Phoenix ?

You can get very detailed information about all phoenix office spaces that are available for lease on our site. We have photo galleries and floor plans. We list square footage and submarkets, as well as provide a property description and include a map. Updated frequently, our suite inventory shows what we offer in real time. Another search aid is the option to have an online chat with one of our live agents about properties you are interested in, and you can set up property tours.

From one room offices to an entire floor of a building, we cater to both small and large leases. Our innovative phoenix work style executive suites offer Wi-Fi, conference rooms and other amenities normally found in a big office setting, but the suites are geared toward individual or small businesses that need smaller space at a more affordable price.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

Our detailed floor plans outline everything from executive suite spaces to full floor office rentals. Our leasing agents help you find out about amenities and other businesses close by. Take a look at this sample floor plan from one of our commercial properties (from our 3101 N Central Avenue location in Phoenix).

building floor plan phoenix

Where do I find commercial property for sale in Phoenix ?

Being able to search online for commercial property is fantastic, but not all search databases are current. This means you might find the ideal building to meet your needs, only to discover later on that the property is no longer available. Boxer Property never has that issue because our databases automatically sync with recent property transactions. Our information is always up-to-date.

You can see most Boxer Property acquisitions in press releases on our site and in popular publications. Our acquisitions teams has details about buying commercial buildings, and our brokers and asset managers are on hand to help commercial property owners.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Most buildings in our portfolio belong to Boxer Property, but we can also help those interested properties owned by a third party. Our focus is improving under-performing buildings by renovating, marketing and managing them. Look here to learn about our asset services.

Phoenix CRE Market Research Sources

Our blog is focused on announcing Boxer Property’s recent purchases and sales, but there are numerous other resources to get information about commercial real estate news and development in Phoenix, AZ.

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© Boxer Property, All Rights Reserved