Where to Look for an Office Space in Phoenix

Boxer Property offers premier affordable Phoenix office space with unparalleled professional expertise. All of your business needs will be fulfilled by their customer service team . What makes Boxer Property the top Arizona and Phoenix office space provider?

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boxer property has amazing office spaces in phoenix at extremely affordable prices

Commercial Real Estate Services in Phoenix

Here’s where to look for commercial real estate in Phoenix , You can find the set-up you are looking for with Boxer Property no matter what stage your business is in. Skip the intermediate steps at a standard co-working space and seek the office space that will take your company to the next level. Boxer Property offers professional and prompt property management with superb customer service as soon as you complete the accessible and quick leasing process. Their nationwide network and accessibility are incomparable, especially when you need to impress an out of town client or potential investor.

Office Space in Phoenix

With over 100 suites available in the Greater Phoenix area, you will find the size and location your company needs. No matter if you are starting out on your own, have a start-up or an established and respected small company. Take advantage of Boxer Property’s lease flexibility and your ability to upgrade to a larger space as your company grows.

Executive Suite

Traditional business models have been broken and revitalized to create what our clients truly need, and so is the office space and leasing expectations. Boxer Property offers 24-hour access to all of their properties to make sure you have full access when you need it. Each property has around the clock security and gives tenants key card control to keep pace with safety.

Know what your full costs will be going in. Executive Suites at Boxer Property include free wifi to keep your overhead consistent and your company on track. Wifi is available in your executive suite, common areas, lounges, and conference rooms.

Bridge the benefits of a personal executive suite and the inspiration driven by co-working spaces. Boxer Property offers Creative Meeting Spaces to break up the day and the repetitive nature of the day that can limit the creativity needed to make your company thrive.

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Meeting Rooms

Find the right kind of space for your meeting with available breakout spaces, formal conference rooms, and lounge areas. Each space is well equipped with monitors and WIFI in a modern and professional setting.

Not sure what you are ready to take on? You can start with a dedicated desk and get to know how the executive suites will elevate how your team works together. Working within the collaborative atmosphere will guide how your team is ready to move.

Call 1-877-777-RENT to hear the latest rates and book to view your new office Phoenix office space.

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