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While the city of Houston has certainly made a name for itself nationally as a destination for businesses looking to grow, it is a lesser-known fact that the larger metropolitan area is actually comprised of multiple cities. Houston is situated at the center of the metro region and acts as the nucleus, but the unique identities and charm of the adjacent municipalities are a big part of what drives the constant demand for commercial development. An example of this is the ever-growing demand to lease office space in Sugar Land.


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Development in Downtown Houston is constantly striving to provide enough offices for lease to meet this demand, but the real-estate melee of Downtown can be avoided altogether by taking a short drive southwest along I-69 to Sugar Land.

The city’s desirability is easy to understand, as it is an integrated part of the larger Houston – The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area, while still maintaining a quieter pace of life than the hustle and bustle of Downtown and the busy Loop neighborhoods. This mixed lifestyle has helped drive tremendous growth over the past decade, and Sugar Land saw almost 50% job growth from 2000 to 2007. This job growth has been one of the driving factors in pushing the city to become one of the most affluent in Texas, and it was recognized as the safest city in the state (12th in the country) in 2010.

Sugar Land is home to more than just quiet, clean, and safe streets, though, and the tremendous job growth of the past decade has been a direct result of companies coming to the city to occupy the high-quality business space the city has to offer. The Minute Maid Company moved to the area in 2009, uprooting themselves from a business space in nearby Houston. The office they relocated to is their corporate headquarters, and the company found a new home for almost 300 employees in the beautiful Sugar Land building near Highway 59 and Highway 6.

A number of other companies have taken to the charms of Sugar Land, and have decided to rent office space to accommodate their corporate headquarters in the city as well. These companies include Accredo Packaging Inc., Money Management International, and Noble Drilling Services, among others. With easy access to the heart of Downtown Houston via Highway 59 to I-610, these companies have been able to enjoy the advantages of being headquartered in a hub of commerce, while still maintaining the freedom and flexibility afforded by Sugar Land’s less urban atmosphere.

Sugar Land’s ability to continue growing is one of its greatest draws, and there is continuous commercial development to provide ample business space for companies interested in the area. From modern yet modest office spaces near major roadways to major complexes like the Sugar Land Business Park –  located close to the junction of Highways 59 and 90-A and home to companies like Schlumberger and Tramontina – a city is a place where companies of all sizes can call home.

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