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As one of the most active centers of commerce in the country, it’s no surprise that the Houston Metropolitan area has a world-class international airport connecting it with cities across the globe. Located north of Downtown Houston , the George Bush Intercontinental Airport serves tens of millions of passengers annually; it is consistently ranked among the top ten busiest airports in the country. Taking its namesake from the elder Bush (H.W.), the airport is a vital part of what makes Houston such an attractive destination for businesses. Having a high-quality international transport hub nearby means that companies looking for business space for a regional office, or even corporate HQ, can rest assured that Houston provides convenient access to a world of possibilities (literally).


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About Office Space Near Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

The airport is approximately 23 miles north of Downtown Houston, sitting at the bottom of a “U” created by I-45 to the west, I-69 to the east, and Highway 8 to the south. I-45 passes through The Woodland before passing by the airport on its way into Downtown Houston, while I-69 comes through New Caney. These two arteries make the entire area surrounding George Bush Intercontinental Airport well-connected to the larger metropolitan area. The area directly surrounding the airport contains a number of hotels targeted at the numerous business travelers passing through daily. Further south begins the North Loop neighborhood, with its mixture of residential communities and office space.

North of the airport is the city of The Woodlands, which lends its name to the metroplex’s title, “Houston – The Woodlands – Sugar Land.” Although most companies looking for office space to rent in Houston primarily focus on neighborhoods like Downtown Houston, Energy Corridor, etc. cities like The Woodlands to the north of the airport provide ample high-quality business space. Like its sister city to the south, The Woodlands has seen tremendous growth over the past few decades; from 2000 to 2014, its’ estimated that the population grew by 68%, from 55,649 to approximately 107,769.

The growing population has come in tandem with a growth in jobs, and the area has already seen numerous, and notable corporate residents move into the neighborhood. Some of the highest-profile companies with offices are Chevron Phillips, the McKesson Corporation, and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. These companies, among others, have contributed greatly to the growth of The Woodlands as an alternate center of commerce to Downtown Houston; in 2000 The Woodlands accounted for over one third of the total office space under construction in the Greater Houston area. The trend that began back in 2000 has continued, with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation constructing a 31 story tower to expand their business space between 2012 and 2014.

As The Woodlands continues to grow as a destination for companies looking to rent, lease, and even construct office space to the north, and Houston maintains its position as a global destination for business to the south, there’s no doubt that the George Bush Intercontinental Airport and its surrounding neighborhoods will become increasingly relevant to businesses of all sizes in the area.

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