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For all aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a commercial real estate property for lease or sale, Boxer Property has a myriad of options in the Greenspoint area of Houston, Texas. Located on the north side of Beltway 8, having a business in Greenspoint will also put you in close proximity to major Houston highways including I-45 and the Hardy Toll Road.

To see what we currently have available to business owners, browse through our commercial real estate property listings. Whether you’re looking for a small, one-room quaint office space in Greenspoint or a top-of-the-line executive suite in Downtown Houston, you are sure to find a perfect match for your business needs. Boxer Property has live agents ready to assist with your search and are available to answer any questions you may have.



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Featured Greenspoint Office locations:

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How do I find commercial properties for lease in Greenspoint ?

Boxer Property has collected and organized relevant information including photos, square footage, neighborhood information and floor plans about all our office spaces for lease in houston. We are eager for you to access this information so you are able to review a great deal of options before you ever step out of your office. Once you’ve had a chance to complete some online pre-screening, give us a call and one of our live agents will happily set up in-person tours to help you make a final decision.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor with a great idea looking for a one-room office or the president of a rapidly growing business that needs a large area, we have something for you. Workstyle executive suites are one of Boxer Property’s unique offerings, providing the right sized space while offering free amenities like Wi-Fi and conference rooms that all businesses today require.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

If you’re new to the commercial real estate market, or even if you’re an old hand, you may not be up-to-date on all the available floor plans available today. Boxer Property offers a glance at detailed floor plans for all our properties. This pre-work will save you a great deal of time, visiting only your top choices. Here is an example of what a commercial property floor plan looks like:



Where do I find commercial property for sale in Greenspoint ?

Although commercial real estate information is readily available online today, it can still be a challenge to make sure availability information is up-to-date. Some organizations may only update their listings when sales are synchronized at the end of the week. That might be convenient for them, but for potential tenants make renting decisions, it can be a problem. Boxer Property automatically updates our databases upon the close of each transaction so you can be certain that you have current information.


Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Boxer Property owns a wide variety of buildings and offices and we are happy to help connect you with third party owned properties as well. Our goal is the same as yours; we want you to find the perfect space to meet your business needs. To do this, we also offer asset management services such as property renovations and marketing as well. To learn more, see the links below.

Energy Corridor CRE Market Research Sources

News and developments change frequently in the commercial real estate market. If you’re looking to rent or lease soon, stay up-to-date with the latest information. Our blog at Boxer Property contains our latest acquisitions and sales information. You call also learn more about economic development in the Greenspoint area from the links below.

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