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About Executive Suites In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is located in the east central region of the state, and lies near the base of Pikes Peak, making for many beautiful views from our executive suites. The city’s economy is largely driven by the military, and also has activity in the high-tech industry, tourism, and aerospace. Companies with a presence in Colorado Springs include Boeing, General Dynamics, Harris Corporation, and Lockheed Martin. Colorado Springs is known as one of the nation’s hubs for space research, and is home to the Combined Services Space Center, the Consolidates Space Operations Center, and the Space Foundation. Thanks to Pikes Peak and the US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs also enjoys a steady flow of tourism. For companies looking to open up new or additional offices in the Colorado Springs area, executive suites can be an excellent, money-saving option. Executive office space is typically cheaper and more flexible in terms of lease duration than your average fixed office space. Boxer Property currently has a variety of executive suite options available in Colorado Springs. Our small office and bullpen-style layouts typically come with on-site maintenance and management, as well as an on-site deli. Buildings also include access to conference centers, mail drop boxes, security, 24-hour card key access, and parking.




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