Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Cumberland area is complete with skyscrapers and the title of the region’s fifth-largest business district. For businesses looking to relocate, Cumberland is the perfect area to thrive. If you’re looking for a commercial real estate in the Cumberland area, Boxer Property is here to help. With our large database of listings, we cover properties for lease and sale in not only Cumberland but throughout the entire Atlanta, GA area. We can help match you with a building that is perfect for your size, whether you have a large-scale corporation with dozens of employees or are simply hoping to start a small business.

Listed below are some of the commercial real estate buildings we have for lease in the Cumberland area. If you need help finding the right property, one of our live agents can assist you online. 


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Boxer Property is constantly adding new buildings to our listing of available commercial real estate in Cumberland while working to make our existing properties more valuable. Listed below are some of the latest news regarding commercial real estate in Atlanta 


You can find properties available for lease or purchase in Cumberland through your own research or with the help of a commercial real estate broker. 

Online Commercial real estate listings

When looking to relocate in the thriving district of Cumberland, GA, many tenants turn to the internet. At Boxer Property we understand that searching for commercial real estate online is one of the easiest and more rewarding ways to connect with available properties. We do our part to make the process even simpler by having only up-to-date information and available live agents that can help answer any questions you may have. 

Commercial real estate brokers

Since brokers play a large part in leasing and buying properties, we are prepared to work with them to make sure that tenants understand all the details about our Cumberland properties. We have also hired in-house brokers that work through our business. Our referral system makes it possible for our large business to serve even the smallest of clients who want to succeed in Cumberland. 

How Do I Find Commercial Real Estate Properties For Leasing In Cumberland?

The building you choose to house your business plays an important part in your success. To help you choose the best match for your needs, we have put together a large database of information about each property available in Cumberland. Each listing is complete with photos of the building, floor plans, measurements, and more. When you find the right property, one of our on-site agents can help you book a tour as soon as the same day.

We work to make any size business thrive in Cumberland and provide necessary executive suites that contain different amenities like free Wi-Fi, conference rooms, and collaborative work spaces. 


Commercial Building Floor Plan

When choosing properties within the Cumberland area, it’s important not to waste extra time looking at buildings that won’t serve your purpose. We help you understand which buildings are best for you by providing online detailed floor plans for both full floor and executive suites. Speaking to a leasing agent can help you understand extra details about surrounding businesses and amenities. 

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Where do I find commercial property for sale in Cumberland?

While Cumberland is a thriving business center, finding commercial real estate online can be a challenge since so much information is outdated or incorrect. Here at Boxer Property, we work extra hard to make sure that all our property listings are correct. To guarantee that you won’t experience outdated information, our database is automatically synced with recent transactions. We also provide additional details about our Cumberland properties through press releases. 

Our acquisitions team is ready to answer any questions you may have about buying commercial real estate in Cumberland. We hire only expert asset managers and brokers who can help you make the best decisions. 

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

If you’re looking to purchase property in Cumberland, Boxer Property has the ability to connect you with those who are selling. We own the majority of the buildings in our listings and work to make them the best possible with renovations, marketing, and property management. Our asset services are listed here

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Cumberland CRE Market Research Sources

Relocating in Cumberland can be both exciting and scary. We work to provide you with the information you need to be successful, along with news and developments about our properties. Listed below are a few places you can visit online to find out more information about commercial real estate in Cumberland: 

Wikipedia: Cumberland Economy

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