The Ultimate Guide to Setting up a Tax Office Space

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If you are a finance or tax professional, you are most likely starting your search for small office space for lease in preparation for the upcoming tax season. Our ultimate guide to setting up a tax office space goes over everything a tax professional needs to know to get their business up and running.

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Setting Up Your Tax Office

Setting up a short-term tax office is a perfect option to minimize your expenses while establishing a perfect space to accommodate the seasonal demand for tax preparation services.

Immediate Occupancy

Is the space ready for immediate occupancy or does it need repairs, remodeling, and repainting? A tax office space that is ready for a move in is the best option as one can get to work right away. Repairs and remodeling might take more time than stated. The time wasted might make one miss out on meeting client’s needs or even contracting new ones.

Simple Lease Terms

Look for a property management company that will offer a simple and straightforward lease. Lease terms can be long and complicated and going through every clause of the agreement might take time that could be utilized filing tax returns for a client. Some property management companies offer leases as short as three pages. Also, decide which services you want included in your lease such as utilities, janitorial, maintenance and parking.

Short-Term Lease

Find a property management company that offers short-term or month-to-month leases. Finance and tax business is highly scalable, however, most temporary tax offices stay open an average of six months. It’s possible to find some short-term leases with six month terms. However, you might look for a month-to-month lease if you prefer to have more flexibility.

Office Furniture

It is important to save on the cost of setting up the office by cutting the cost involved in buying the office furniture. However, remember that the furniture also influences the image of the space. Therefore, it is important to have furniture that is appealing to the clients. Consider renting office furniture as many furniture companies offer low-cost options and hassle-free delivery and pick-up. Plus, you can select different furniture each season that fits best in your temporary office space. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the cost of storing furniture in between tax seasons.

Configuring the Office

An excellent way to save on the cost is making sure that the office building offers shared amenities. These can be places such as the kitchenette, restrooms and so on. The layout of the office can also help in cutting down the cost. It is important to note that the reception is the face of the office. As such, regardless of the layout, it should be warm and welcoming to the clients. Boxer Workstyle Executive Suites offers many shared amenities that are usually reserved for large corporations including free Wi-Fi, conference rooms, presentation equipment, and more.

Business Location

When most start-ups are looking for a tax office space in a rush, most end up taking office in a place that is not favorable to their business. It is very vital to concentrate the search in the area that is most convenient for the clients. The business location is one of the factors that help most finance business to scale up fast.

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Locating a Perfect Tax Office Space

Imagine going to visit a tax office in a building that is next to a noisy business street. It would be hard to even hold a conversation without getting a headache in the three minutes time. Therefore, the location of the office can be its undoing. It can make a flourishing business lose clients each new day. A good location also enhances the perception of your business as many clients develop trust with companies that have a physical address.

Take a look at our Ultimate Checklist for Choosing a Perfect Business Location for a complete list of questions to ask when deciding on a new office space location. The following tips can help anyone to identify the perfect place to locate their tax business.

The Location in Relation to Target Clientele

It is true that the serene business parks are the ideal settings for an office set up. However, before setting up a tax office space, one should consider the following:

  • The cost of the office space
  • The proximity to clientele

Usually, such business parks are highly priced due to the ambient environment and the high-end amenities. Therefore, they should not necessarily be on the top of the list for a start-up tax business which is riding on a limited budget. On the other hand, if the firm is dealing with clients that are in the retail industry, it might be wise to be located close to their business enterprise.

High Visibility

Most companies use a significant amount of resources to increase their visibility to their potential clients through advertisements. However, with a limited budget, one needs to find a tax business location that is visible to their customers. It could be a place that is close to a consumer attraction such as a shopping mall. This means that most of the people visiting the shopping mall can view the office. The location should be easy to locate from the nearby street.


Studies on consumer behavior have revealed that most tax payers prefer to have their tax office space near their residential areas instead of where they work. Therefore, anyone starting a tax office should, first of all, identify which area has most of their potential clients. After determining the estate, set up the office in a location near the vicinity.


Have you ever woken up and thought about the hustles to get to work and wished you could fly instead of taking the subway? Exactly, the office should be in a place that is primarily accessible to your clients but also available to the employees. The clients will find it easy to come and bring more work while the employees will be motivated to come to work.

Once one gets the office space, the next question should be, apart from tax preparation what other services can they offer to ensure that money comes in consistently.


Tips To Generate Income All Year Round

Tax season is not around all year so what happens when it’s over? As a business offering such services always be on the look out to avoid the business being seasonal. Nobody wants a business that only opens certain months of the year.

Consistency is the secret towards a successful business career. Below are some few pointers to ensuring there is a constant flow of income all year.


For a company that offers services involving tax preparation, it is easier to diversify and offer bookkeeping services. Such services may include posting journal entries, debit and credit entries, and recording any financial transactions.

The advantage of offering such services is that the same clients seeking such services have a likelihood to use the same firm for their tax preparation needs.

Payroll Services

Apart from bookkeeping, payroll services are a great way of getting more income. A company that intends to offer the services needs to have payroll software that can capture all the information necessary. These services include:

  • Calculating payroll for each employee.
  • Any required deductions like retirement savings or absent work days.
  • Delivery of checks

Financial-related Services

Operating a business is a bit hectic sometimes especially the financial side. Apart from tax preparation, clients may be in need of other services such as budget allocation and balance sheet preparation. A tax company with certified personnel who are well versed with cash flow statements, income statements and computing yearly projections stands out. With such knowledge, it’s easy to get clients who are interested in such services which may need weekly, monthly or yearly entries.

Sometimes even when a company does not offer such packages, always outsource to increase the cash flow all year.

Finding a perfect office space ensures that the mind settles and the service delivery is impeccable. Additionally, with a well-laid out plan, all year is sorted with no headache of looking for other lucrative ideas or being involved in shady business deals for survival. However, for this to work there needs to be prior planning and patience.

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