How is Boxer Organized to Manage Sustainability?

bestlogomain bestlogomain may 23 2024We introduced Boxer Property’s Energy & Sustainability directorate in our last post. And if we are to adhere to our Boxer Energy & Sustainability Tracking (BEST) principles of efficient use, it only makes sense that we are organized in a like manner. So it should come as no surprise that we have a committed team that is able to cross all departmental boundaries to carry out the BEST program. By using clear communications, specific action plans and leveraging technology, the Energy & Sustainability directorate impacts each and every property under Boxer management.


The Energy & Sustainability Analyst is responsible for performing a wide variety of complex and specialized financial, accounting and analytical duties in support of Energy & Sustainability as part of Building Operations. This position serves as the liaison between various Boxer departments in the Energy & Sustainability domain and the energy marketplace as a whole. A major effort is to develop next generation energy analytics and automation for use throughout the many Company business units.


The Energy & Sustainability Chief Engineer is responsible for BEST project planning and execution support at every property, working closely with each Market segment’s Engineering & Operations personnel. Areas of responsibility include: estimating potential energy savings; researching implementation costs; providing advice on commissioning and optimization of HVAC, electrical, and lighting systems; performing building BEST audits, while training others to do so as well; and researching new energy efficiency measures. This person is the ‘face of BEST’ in the field, and communicates valuable information in both directions, between Building staffs and Corporate personnel.


The Energy & Sustainability Program Manager is responsible for tactical implementation and strategic development of the BEST effort company-wide. The continuing success of BEST depends a great deal on how well its principles and guidelines are developed, executed and evolved through continued operations. This key position works to ensure existing initiatives are consistent with the overall BEST strategic plan, and that new initiatives are identified and included as appropriate into future operating goals and procedures. In addition to planning & execution of BEST requirements, this person is central to further developing the tools, features, and functions of BEST to extend the message of BEST to additional markets.


The Director, Boxer Energy and Sustainability, is the principal architect and strategist for the entire BEST effort. This position’s role is to champion BEST principles, audits and technologies to the Company as a whole, and to interface with non Company interests in all things BEST. This person continues to assess how each aspect of the BEST program works to fulfill its potential, making changes as necessary to ensure the goal is always kept in view and that BEST delivers on its promises. They work to ensure Company policies and BEST principles remain synchronous, and strive to stay abreast of evolving technology to assist in meeting BEST goals.

That’s it; that is the whole team. The message is clear, the team is in place, and Boxer is moving out smartly under the BEST flag. The end game is as promised in the last post: a well-maintained, efficient building running at its BEST, with similar success repeated across the entire portfolio.

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