Office Space Design Trends: What’s Next for 2018 and Beyond?

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Every year, technology continues to advance and new ideas are spread like wildfire. It can be difficult to keep on top of every new thing that becomes popular, but when it comes to designing for the modern office space, embracing the current trends can only be beneficial. In the coming year, technology and efficiency seem to be the name of the game in designing for the modern workplace. Here are our top 6 office space design trend predictions that are sure to make an impact in 2018.

1. Health and Wellness

A healthy, happy employee is an employee who can work to their fullest potential. That’s why more and more businesses have begun to integrate employee wellness programs into their business plans. Simple things like giving discounts for purchasing healthy food in the cafeteria or creating lists of healthy dining options around the office can have a big impact. Some companies are taking employee wellness even further by offering gym memberships or building on-site fitness centers, complete with pools and saunas, as well as using healthy, organic foods in their cafeterias.

2. Flexible Office Space Design

Gone are the days of rooms full of cubicle after cubicle with employees working separately in their own small spaces. In 2018, employers will continue to embrace the benefits of shared space and open design. Opening the workspace means opening communication. Implementing an open-office layout will create a more inclusive and productive work environment, fostering communication and teamwork among employees.

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3. Co-Living Environments

What’s better for morale than bringing a touch of home to work with you? Living where you work might just be. While some companies are embracing the concept of remote working, others are bringing home to the workplace.

Live-work environments, also known as co-living, effectively combines residential areas with the workplace. These environments, an ever-growing trend in commercial real estate, reduce costs for employees while providing desired flexibility and increasing morale. All of which is beneficial to the company.

4. Data and Office Space Design

Businesses thrive on gathering data. The more data a company can gather, the more prepared they can be for just about anything. All types of information, from customer criticisms to employee satisfaction, can be useful when it comes to properly running a company.

In 2018, we will see an increase in data-driven decisions which in-turn will increase productivity, efficiency and office space utilization. This can help resolve issues of inefficiency in the design of an office space or identify problems with how systems are operated.

5. Minimalism

The world today favors efficiency, from utilizing space appropriately to consuming and using fewer resources. Minimalism is a trend that has taken hold of the modern world, even in the office space. Employers certainly benefit from running their businesses as efficiently as possible, so why not carry that concept over to the place where their employees work?

Cutting down on devices, or even the size of the devices frees up space. Even keyboards and computer mice have wireless options. The use of “smart” technology, such as tablets, allows employees to move from place to place with their work instead of being confined to one area. This will help to increase collaboration in the workplace.

6. Integrated Technology

Embracing ever-evolving technology is extremely attractive to a wide variety of consumers, clients, and possible employees. Integrating an array of technology into the workplace will keep internal and external company processes running smoothly. This includes the use intelligent products that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality, blockchain technology, voice assistants and edge computing.

In 2018, employees will see an increased utilization of AI and Machine Learning to simplify our work processes. Augmented reality is another exciting technological advancement finding its way into the modern office space. Augmented reality, or virtual reality, uses electronic equipment to project 3D simulations in our everyday environments. Virtual reality can be used to develop or troubleshoot products or even train new employees. Advanced technology adds a whole new layer of depth to the workplace and is attractive to potential consumers.

When it comes to designing an office space that works for the benefit of both employers and employees, companies should keep an eye on the most current trends for ideas on how to maximize the potential of their workspace. Happy employees and an efficiently running business are the foundation of any well-run company. And it all starts with a well-designed office space.

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