9 Office Space Amenities Desired by Millennials in 2017

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The number of Millennials in the business world has been on the rise for decades. In 2015, Millennials even surpassed Generation Xers as the largest generation in the workforce. Considering the number of Millennials in and entering the workforce, it’s essential for businesses to be able to attract and retain talent from this generation. One way to do so is offering office space amenities that cater to Millennials’ unique preferences. Here are the top nine office space amenities that Millennials desire the most in 2017.

  1. Fitness Centers with Showers

More than any previous generation, Millennials take their health and fitness seriously. A key component in any fitness routine is physical activity, and the most common physical activity is going to the gym.

Membership fees for good gyms can easily be $50 per month or more. If an office includes a fitness center, it saves employees money every month that they would have spent on a gym membership. It’s also convenient, as employees can exercise before or after work without driving anywhere.

Any office that has a fitness center needs showers, as well. Even employees who don’t use the fitness center often will still appreciate having showers on site if they jog or bike to work.

  1. Dog-Friendly Office Spaces

No one likes leaving their furry friend at home all day. With a dog-friendly office space, employees can keep their dogs by their sides throughout the day.

A common concern is if those dogs will present a distraction, but dog-friendly offices actually have proven benefits when it comes to employee satisfaction and performance.

Employees are happier when they can bring their dogs to work, and the presence of pets help employees connect with one another. Dogs are natural conversation starters that lead to more networking between employees and a more collaborative office.

  1. Coffee Bars

This is one of those inexpensive amenities that makes life a bit easier for employees. Instead of spending their mornings making their own coffee or stopping at the drive-thru, they can brew a fresh cup when they get to the office.

A coffee bar can be as simple or as upscale as the business wants. A standard coffee maker with one or two flavors will keep most employees happy, but businesses can go above and beyond with high-end coffee makers and a diverse lineup of flavors.

There’s also the option of stocking snacks at a coffee bar or in the breakroom. Of course, since Millennials like to stay healthy, it’s a good idea to stick to nutritious snack options.

  1. Huddle Rooms

Open office designs have increased in popularity and can work very well at creating a more connected office, but they also have their share of drawbacks. Chief among them is that it’s more difficult for employees to hold meetings in open offices. They won’t have any privacy and will need to keep the noise down to avoid distracting others.

Enter the huddle room. These small rooms usually have enough space for five people and a few pieces of equipment, such as a monitor for video conferencing, a whiteboard and a table. Employees use these huddle rooms to hold meetings, either planned or spontaneous, although it’s important that people don’t reserve huddle rooms in advance. These rooms also work well when communicating with remote workers on video calls because they provide more privacy.

  1. Breakrooms with Entertainment Options

It’s not fun for employees to sit around doing nothing on their breaks and lunches. A breakroom that has entertainment options for employees can improve satisfaction at the office.

If a large enough breakroom is available, a business could offer ping pong tables, pool tables, air hockey or even arcade games. Of course, one or two TVs are always an option. The great thing about games that require some physical activity, including ping pong and air hockey, is that it gets the blood flowing. This can help employees avoid that typical grogginess that sets in after lunch.

  1. Desk Hoteling

Instead of assigning every employee a permanent desk or assigning desks when they come in, an alternative is desk hoteling. Employees reserve desks before coming in to the office or for a set number of days. This works well for businesses that have employees who sometimes work away from the office.

Millennials appreciate workplace flexibility and enjoy the idea of reserving desks. Desk hoteling can also save businesses money by requiring less space. Instead of renting an entire floor or building, a business that uses desk hoteling could get just an executive suite. The hoteling system allows the business to manage its executive suite and ensure that employees always have desks.

  1. Window Views

Millennials enjoy the outdoors. While most businesses can’t set up outdoor offices, they can provide offices with window views. Exposure to daylight, even when employees are inside an office, can improve their overall satisfaction and even productivity.

No one wants to feel like they’re spending their days in a dungeon. Getting a glimpse of the outside world can make all the difference.

  1. Bike Racks

Employees in urban areas appreciate being able to ride their bikes to work. They can get a workout when they make their daily commute, they’re using an environmentally friendly method of transportation and they won’t spend time stuck in traffic.

Bike racks are one of the most desired amenities among Millennial employees. There are plenty of indoor bike rack options available that don’t take up much space and provide a more secure option. Employees will appreciate the peace of mind in knowing that their bikes won’t be gone when the work day ends.

  1. Ergonomic Office Supplies

While these aren’t the flashiest office space amenities, they’re among the most important. Employees want to be comfortable, especially considering all the research that has come out about the damage sitting at a desk all day can do to the human body.

At a minimum, offices should have chairs with armrests, lumbar support and a swivel feature, along with desks that keep everything within easy reaching distance. Sit stand desks are a popular option that give employees the option of standing while they work.

Office amenities are a great way to make Millennials want to work at an office, and the right amenities can ensure that employees are satisfied and productive. The nine amenities listed above tend to be at the top of most Millennials’ lists when it comes to what they want in an office. While not every office can offer all these amenities, adding just a few can make a big difference.

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