Maximizing Your Office Space in 2017

maximizing office space 2017 cover maximizing office space 2017 cover june 22 2024

The most compatible design for your office not only looks appealing but can help to increase office size productivity. New office designs improve efficiency by encouraging conversation and collaboration on projects, however, consultants who specialize in productivity say that the way the office is setup and how workers use their time is at the root of problems with efficiency. We review the latest developments happening in 2017 that can help to maximize an office space’s potential not only in terms of productivity but functionality as well.

New Trends

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huddle rooms can be used to hold impromptu team meetings

More companies are embracing the concept of more collaboration by employees. What’s trending today is the activity-based work environment. The concept is to lower the cost of the company’s real estate lease, encourage cooperation among employees, and boost productivity. The ABW concept is designed to allow workers to move to different areas of the office based on the projects on which they’re working.

Co-Working Spaces

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Thinking of every person in the office as an individual can increase productivity. Instead of having restricted areas that are off limits to some employees, in many offices seating is no longer assigned so employees can work in any available space.

Sometimes it’s easier to complete work in a quiet space. The ideal office provides various types of workstations where employees can work privately or move to areas where they can collaborate with other employees to get projects completed on schedule.

Collaboration is the Key

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New designs allow workers to be in the same space rather than in separate offices and makes it easy for remote employees to work in the office when necessary. Collaboration stations create a congenial atmosphere and encourage people to share ideas. The concept of free addressing offices is spreading. Employees check into the office in the morning and meet with the groups they’re working with throughout the day and work in the areas where their productivity is highest.

Creating an Energetic Atmosphere and Improving Morale

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The idea is to create a buzz and keep people moving, which gives them more energy and improves morale. Traditional, corporate offices are moving toward a college campus atmosphere. Using splashes of color in unexpected areas of the office, especially in accessories and furniture is bright, cheery, and is the kind of environment in which a lot of people want to work. However, quiet areas should be included in the design for employees who prefer to work in a space without distractions.

New Trends in Office Amenities and Furniture

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What’s trending in office furniture is the sit-to-stand-desk. Sitting all day or standing all days isn’t good for employees for various health reasons. A lot of employees find that they’re more productive when working at standing desks. Some companies are even allowing companies to rent the desks to assess their value before making a financial commitment.

Another essential for employees is laptop workstations with comfortable couches and chairs that create a relaxing work space. Among the amenities that are on the priority list for employees are workstations that are adjustable, ergonomic-style furniture that’s more comfortable than traditional office furniture, WiFi access, vibrant colors, private areas for phone calls, and places for relaxation during lunch and breaks.

Open kitchens and lounges with activities for employees make them happier and more productive. When employers take extra steps to offer a pleasant work environment, their employees look forward to coming to work each day and go the extra mile to be more productive.

Tech-Startup Company Spaces

tech startup company tech startup company june 22 2024

When your tech company is in the start-up phase, your budget and office space are limited, and you have to be creative. You have to maximize the space you have and make it functional and cozy at the same time. Designing a small office is challenging, but it can be fun.

Set an amount for creating your office space and don’t go over budget. Decide on a time frame for getting the office set-up. Make a list of everything space will be used for, including storage. You want your office to have a positive impact on your employees when they come into work in the morning. A wall painted in a bright color, and some inexpensive prints put workers in the right frame of mind to start the day.

When choosing the furnishings for your office, don’t spend a lot trying to impress people who will be able to tell you’re in the early stage of your business. Concentrate on creating a comfortable work environment for your employees. Rather than buying one desk for each person, focus on shared space which will free up space for working on projects.

Create zones for specific tasks including meetings, private space, and a place to collaborate on projects. Choose furniture that will take advantage of the square footage you have to work with and can serve multiple functions.

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