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Managing Partners of Actus Logistics David Kolinofsky L and Eric Ward R

With their roots deeply involved in the logistics industry, it was only a matter of time before lifelong friends David Kolinofsky and Eric Ward would seize an opportunity to launch their own logistics company. Actus Logistics LLC is a third-party logistics provider specializing in land and air transportation solutions, prioritizing in cost-savings while working closely with their customer’s supply chains.

With their Dallas office space located at 600 E John Carpenter Freeway, Actus has been growing at an incredibly fast pace ever since its start last April, providing services to a variety of clients from passenger and cargo airline carriers to trucking companies. We chatted with founders and managing partners, David and Eric, to learn more about their unique outlook on providing logistics solutions and how they were able to achieve rapid success in a matter of months since launch.

Tell us about Actus Logistics – What makes your services unique?

DK: We are a full-service logistics provider that specializes in expedited ground and air freight movement. The majority of our customers work within the tech or metals manufacturing arenas. We service a wide variety of clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

EW: We enable companies that produce an array of products to use our services for not only shipping their items, but also tracking and updating the customer until the product is safely delivered to its endpoint. Simply put, we are the “easy button” for shipping managers.

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Common Area Lounge at 600 E John Carpenter Fwy

What’s the history behind Actus and how you got into the logistics industry?

DK: I come from JB Hunt Transport and the Army prior to that where I served for 10 years departing as a Captain. Eric worked at Panther Logistics and Pegasus Logistics before that. We were both SigEps from the University of North Texas, which is where the connection began.

I put together the initial business plan with Eric and we raised the needed capital last summer. We both left our jobs this past March and the rest is history!

Huddle Room at 600 E John Carpenter Fwy_#image_title_October 3, 2023
Huddle Room at 600 E John Carpenter Fwy
Conference Room at 600 E John Carpenter Fwy_#image_title_October 3, 2023
Conference Room at 600 E John Carpenter Fwy

How did you come to be at one of our Boxer Property locations?

DK: We originally did not care so much about the office location or setup as we just wanted to get started with the company and obtain a rent price at a fair rate in the Dallas-Irving area.

EW: We almost went with another location until we did one more look at 600 E John Carpenter Freeway. Once we came in and saw the difference, we were sold!

What has your experience at 600 E John Carpenter Freeway been so far?

DK: Fantastic overall. We already had to expand to a larger office space and Boxer Property made it very easy.

EW: Everyone that comes by our office space immediately compliments us on how professional it is.

How effective is Boxer Property at meeting your needs? What aspect do you find most beneficial?

DK: The property at 600 E John Carpenter Freeway looks and feels professional. Much different than your competitors. It is a place you can use as a startup or an established company.

EW: The staff is very quick to respond to issues and always come across as friendly and attentive. The online services are great from everything to AC temperature change requests to online payment. Great ease of use!

600 E John Carpenter Freeway Common Area Lounge_#image_title_October 3, 2023
Common Area Lounge

Tell us about yourselves – What inspires you and what do you like to do outside of the office?

EW: I love to fish on the weekends and just relax. I really enjoy spending time at the park with my dog and not thinking about work. I also love to read and study politics.

DK: I enjoy spending my Saturdays at the Dallas Farmers Market. I’m an avid fan of going to the movies and spending time outdoors. I love to study on current events around the world as well.

Top business goals for 2017?

DK: Our year one goal is to break 1 MM in sales.

For more information about Actus visit:

600 E John Carpenter Fwy #246, Irving, TX 75062

Phone: (855) 380-5436

Email: [email protected]

Connect with Actus Logistics on social media:

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