Boxer Business Briefs Presents: EnRoute Mobile Tire Service

We love to help our tenants succeed! As a way to assist our tenants, we initiated our Boxer Business Briefs program, giving tenants the opportunity to showcase their business and the services they provide in a short and impactful interview.

This week, Russ Capper, host of The BusinessMakers radio show, sits down to chat with Duke Amos, founder of EnRoute Mobile Tire Service in their office space in Houston, TX located at Arena Towers.

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RC: Tell us about EnRoute Mobile Tire Service.

DA: EnRoute Mobile Tire Service is a tire shop that comes to you. We set up an e-commerce website that allows you to go online, purchase tires, and have them installed at home or work. We bring the tire shop to you.


RC: Tire installation, balancing, and all the stuff they do these days are very important. But you do all of that at the point of installation?

DA: Yes, we can pretty much service anyone, anywhere. As long as we have a flat surface to be able to service your vehicle, we can get it done!


RC: You must have some pretty interesting vehicles yourself to get that kind of equipment there.

DA: Yes, all of our vans are mobile-friendly. We have state-of-the-art equipment inside of them that’s able to service your tires. We have tire changers and balancing machines in each van and our technicians are Tire Industry Association certified.


RC: I remember back a long time ago when it was such a hassle to change tires. In the modern era, you could at least go to a tire shop to wait… but you still had to wait a long time. So, you’ve disintermediated that part of the formula, right?

DA: Exactly. Nowadays, everybody wants everything to be mobile. You have Uber. You have GrubHub. You have all of these startups that allow the service to come to you. That’s particularly what we wanted to design for the tire industry, which is a really old industry.


RC: That’s impressive! So how long have you been doing this?

DA: We’ve been doing it for about six months now.


RC: Now, I’m familiar with lots of entrepreneurs and I know that’s it’s exciting, but you have to be really passionate about it because it can get really hard. If you’re only six months into it, you’re still in the hard part. Are you?

DA: I’m an attorney as well. So, being an attorney and an entrepreneur while setting up ads and appointments… as you can see, I’ve lost a lot of my hair! Let me just put it like that!


RC: And you’re still practicing [law], too! Well, I think it’s a great idea and I wish you all the luck in the world!

DA: Thanks again!


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For more information about this business, visit:

EnRoute Mobile Tire Service

7324 Southwest Freeway, Suite 1421

Houston, TX 77074

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