Boxer Business Briefs Presents: The Kaldis Group

This week’s Business Brief features Paul Heyman, representing The Kaldis Group. Also serving as the President of New You Investment Group, Paul chats with us about The Kaldis Group’s real estate investment education system that seeks to assist individuals looking to get started in the industry. Russ Capper sits down with Paul in their Houston office space (located in Arena Towers) to learn more about New You Investment Group’s affiliation with The Kaldis Group.

7324 southwest freeway arena towers conference room 7324 southwest freeway arena towers conference room july 16 2024
Arena Towers Conference Room in Southwest Houston

RC: Tell us about New You Investment Group and The Kaldis Group.

PH: We are both real estate investors working with the nationwide group of fellow real estate investors. Together, we’re also affiliated with the #1 rated real estate investment education company in the country.

RC: How does that affiliation work?

PH: We are both independent business owners and we earn our money not only through real estate investing, but also through marketing the education to others.

RC: So, the education that you market is also the education that you took to learn how to invest in real estate.

PH: That is exactly right!

RC: It’s kind of a symbiotic relationship.

PH: It has been a wonderful opportunity and a learning experience for me.

7324 southwest freeway arena towers common area 7324 southwest freeway arena towers common area july 16 2024
Arena Towers Common Area Lounge in Southwest Houston

RC: When you invest in real estate, is it strictly commercial real estate?

PH: No, it is not. The classes teach us how to do both residential and commercial. It also teaches us, at some point, to be the bank itself.

One thing that is neat about the whole experience is that we are always looking for other people who share that same interest, want to learn more about real estate investing, and also want to become a part of our team and nationwide expansion.

RC: That’s impressive! Maybe we have someone watching right now that will sign up real soon.

PH: That would be great because this is an opportunity for everybody regardless of their background, education, or experience. It has been an eye-opening experience for Constantine [Kaldis] and I.

RC: Great! Paul, I really appreciate your time.

PH: Thanks Russ. It’s been a pleasure.

RC: You bet!

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