Boxer Business Briefs Presents: DYNx Solutions

This week’s Boxer Business Briefs features DYNx Solutions founder, Dan O’Connell. Russ Capper sits down with Dan at his Houston office space in Arena Towers to discuss how Dan’s cloud based company supports businesses using a myriad of Microsoft products including Office 365 and Windows Azure.


RC: Dan, welcome to the Brief!

DO: Thanks, Russ!


RC: You bet! Tell us about DYNx Solutions.

DO: DYNx Solutions is a Microsoft affiliated VAR (Value-Added Reseller) partner for Office 365, Windows Azure, Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and coming soon Dynamics 365.

7324 southwest freeway conference room 7324 southwest freeway conference room july 12 2024

RC: A lot of products these days are extremely sophisticated and I don’t know how people would operate without a VAR. So [DYNx Solutions] would come in and, I assume, supply a lot of expertise and assistance in the process?

DO: Right! We sell, implement, customize, train, and provide support for all of our products. We are a cloud based company. Anything that we develop is provided to the customer as cloud based.


RC: Okay, so how long have you been doing this?

DO: I have been working with the Microsoft VAR for 15 years and I have been my own business for six.


RC: So, before you were working with Microsoft I assume you were involved in the microcomputer and technology world.

DO: Right, I have a degree in Accounting from the University of Washington. I worked for all the large companies in Seattle including Boeing, Microsoft, and I was at the very beginning of what became the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


RC: Oh my goodness, that’s very impressive! So, how do you get customers today?

DO: I get them through my affiliate master VAR, which is Socius. And also from networking and word-of-mouth.

7324 southwest freeway common area 7324 southwest freeway common area 2 july 12 2024

RC: Are you specifically targeting one industry or several industries?

DO: We work with many industries including oil and gas, distribution, and supply chain management. We provide total ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.


RC: Have you had a little slow down because of the oil and gas industry’s slow down?

DO: We have, but the manufacturing industry in Houston is strong. That’s outside of oil and gas, so there are many different industries here that continue to provide me with good work!


RC: Good deal! Dan, I really appreciate you sharing your story with us.

DO: Thank you!


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For more information about this business, visit:

DYNx Solutions

7324 Southwest Freeway, Suite 1050N

Houston, TX 77074

Phone: 855-477-DYNx (3969)


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