Boxer Business Briefs Presents: Adit

This week, Boxer Business Briefs focuses on Adit, a digital marketing firm based in Houston, TX. Russ Capper sits down with the founders of Adit, Ali Jhaver and Fahad Hashimi, in their Houston office space located at Arena Towers. The two founders discuss Adit’s unique business model and how they assist other companies reach their marketing goals.

RC: Tell us about Adit!

FH: Adit is a full-service digital marketing firm based here in Houston. We specialize in a lot of different services such as app development.

AJ: We do a lot of online marketing as well. We help many physicians get patients and help a lot of small businesses get leads. We also do a lot of, like Fahad said, application development, creating websites, setting up online stores, mobile apps, CRMs, and POS applications.

RC: The whole digital world, right? So, what kind of industries do you guys focus on?

FH: We focus on a lot of different industries but we specialize in physicians. Many of our clients are dentists, optometrists, dermatologists, etc.

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Arena Towers Common Area Lounge

RC: How do you get business?

FH: Ironically, we’re a marketing firm but we don’t really market ourselves online.

RC: And you don’t need to! So is the business being spread through word-of-mouth?

FH: Word-of-mouth! A lot of our business is grown organically. When we do great work for our clients, they tell their physician friends, their dentist friends, and etc., “Hey look, I know a good company that did a really good job for us. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.”

RC: Do you focus exclusively on Houston?

AJ: Actually, a lot of our clients are not only in Houston. We have clients in Calgary, which is where our second location is. We are focused both in the U.S. and Canada. A lot of our marketing is based on relationships and, as Fahad said, we’re not so online focused. We do go through our referrals and we do cater to a lot of industries including education, online retail, and medical.

RC: Getting word-of-mouth business is always cool. What do you think differentiates you guys from your competitors.

AJ: One of our strongest competitive advantages is that we use a pay-per-performance model. Many of our clients work with us because they get the results. If they don’t see results, we don’t get paid until they do.

On top of that, our supply chain is very efficient because a lot of our back-end team is in our office in India and our creative team is here. So our clients get the big time results, but they’re not paying the big time costs. They’re not paying for ridiculous things that other agencies might charge for. With Adit, you’re strictly paying for results. We stick with our clients until it’s done.

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Arena Towers Conference Room

RC: You mentioned pay-per-performance. So let’s say for example, I was set up to sell widgets and worked with Adit. You would make a deal with me that Adit would only get paid when I reach certain milestones, or per widget order, or something like that?

AJ: Right. In some cases we do that. In other cases we would say, “Hey, why don’t we try your project for 30 days, see how we do, and if you like the results we can keep going.

FH: For all of our clients, we don’t have contracts with them. They choose to do business with us on a monthly basis.

RC: Wow, very impressive! Thanks a lot for sharing your story of Adit!

FH: Thank you so much, Russ!

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