Clients seeking commercial real estate properties with excellent amenities in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas can find the perfect work environment by searching our database of local listings.

Boxer Property offers commercial real estate for sale or lease throughout the area. Our Austin properties offer quality buildings with amenities that are necessary to your business’ operation. You can find your ideal commercial real estate by working with Boxer’s agents to define and locate a property that suits your needs.

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Get the most up-to-date news about Austin commercial real estate from our press releases and news blogs. We are consistently acquiring and adding value to new commercial buildings. View the most recent Austin CRE news here.

How Can I Search For Commercial Real Estate In Austin?

By researching online or using the services of a commercial broker, your options for finding a commercial real estate property are more convenient than ever. Boxer Property is ideally suited to help you find the right commercial real estate property when and where you need it..

Online Commercial Real Estate Listings

Boxer Property’s live agents are readily available to assist you in finding the perfect commercial property for your business. Our goal is to make the searching process of commercial listings as stress-free as possible.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Boxer Property frequently collaborates with outside commercial brokers. We believe all tenants, no matter who they are represented by, should always have the latest and most relevant information to help them with their decision. Our experienced and knowledgeable in-house brokers are also available to assist you in finding the perfect property for your needs. Commercial real estate brokers can utilize our Quick Start Referral Program so their smaller clients can get the help they need.


Through Boxer’s online listings of Austin office space for lease online, you can browse for the square footage you need, view the photo galleries, review features and amenities listings, as well check the local area with Google maps. Our agents are available to can chat live whenever you need and offer quick scheduling of site tours of our commercial real estate offerings—as soon as the day you call.

Boxer provides leasing help and support for clients of all sizes in the commercial real estate market. Whether you are looking for single offices, full floors, or entire buildings we can source suitable properties for you to visit. As part of our leasing arrangements, we offer free Wi-Fi services, access to conference rooms, and collaborative environments in all our executive suites of Austin market

Commercial Building Floor Plan

Our commercial real estate offerings are available online where you can review floor plans for full floors and executive suites. All our leasing representatives are knowledgeable about our available properties and can be reached immediately for more information. Please review out sample listing at Lacosta Green located at 1033 La Posada Drive to see the level of detail we can provide before you decide to schedule a site tour of any of our properties.

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Where do I find commercial property for sale in Austin?

The search for commercial real estate has becomes easier and faster than ever with the advent of online services. At Boxer, we bring clear organization to the vast amount of information available by synching our database transaction directly to our listing pages to ensure everything you see is as current as possible. We regularly announce our new acquisitions via informative press releases and feature them in local popular publications.

Commercial real estate owners can also work with our team to arrange the acquisition of new commercial properties.

Commercial Real Estate Property for Sale by Owner

Most of the buildings in our commercial real estate portfolio are owned and managed by Boxer. We also network buyers with 3rd-party-owned buildings and share our expertise in renovation, marketing, onsite property management, and all the supporting functions required of a commercial real estate property that can elevate underperforming buildings to their full potential.

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Austin Commercial Real Estate Market Research Sources

Our news blogs and press releases aim to bring you the latest commercial real estate activity in the Austin area. Our blogs also provide business and office space related tips and advice. Listed below are great resources with relevant information to help you find the perfect property in Austin, TX.

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© Boxer Property, All Rights Reserved