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Boxer Property is your key to the best real estate properties in the Westchase area of Houston, TX. With our large listing of properties and helpful leasing agents, you can speed up and end your search for top-quality real estate in this beautiful gem of Houston.

To see our directory of commercial real estate properties for lease in Westchase, just take a look below. If you need any assistance determining an exact location, our live agents are on standby to get you the information you need. The live agent assisting you can use our massive database to fine-tune your search for commercial properties that meet your standards.



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How do I find commercial properties for lease in Westchase ?

We’ve covered all bases when it comes to the different ways that you can examine your choices for Westchase properties. Every last square foot of the floor plan can be viewed in detail through our suite inventory, complete with high-definition photo galleries and real-time availability updates. If you wanted, you could schedule an in-person consultation with an agent and an on-site tour at the same time.

Whether it’s large or small, we’re not selective when it comes to commercial lease sizes. Full floor rents and single offices alike are available. All suites are fully-equipped with complimentary collaborative work spaces, conference rooms, and Wi-Fi access.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

Depending on your unique needs, you may want either an executive suite or a full floor suite; whatever it may be, we’ve got a comprehensive floor plan ready for viewing in advance. Before even taking a tour, we offer you full transparency to make the most rational choice in any commercial space to lease.

In addition to the floor plan, our agents will assist you by giving you up-to-date information on all of the nearby businesses, venues and amenities in close proximity to the property. 


Where do I find commercial property for sale in Westchase ?

It’s perfectly understandable to be frustrated with all the disorganized and inaccurate information there is when researching commercial real estate properties online. We strive to make your research process seamless, and to make that possible, we’ve got an airtight database that perfects our records by automatically syncing with the latest transactions.

You are always welcome to get in touch with our acquisitions team to find out more information. Our site hosts numerous press releases, both self-published and third party-published, where our latest acquisitions can be found.


Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

We independently own most of the buildings in our portfolio, and we’re open to referring you to third-party owners who may have what you need. Through renovations and property management, we’re dedicated to bringing out the full potential value of every under-performing building that we service. All of our asset services are described in detail here.

West Loop CRE Market Research Sources

There is always something new to learn about the market, and we’ve collected a number of reliable sources to keep current with the latest developments. In addition to the news, our blog is constantly updated with tips to help burgeoning businesses grow faster. You can learn more about Westchase, Houston through these sources:

Wikipedia: Westchase Economy

Westchase District

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