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Boxer Property regularly works with many small, medium and large businesses to find the best commercial real estate property to meet their needs in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Local businesses can select from a wide variety of options throughout the Parsippany area as well as in neighboring suburbs and cities. The staff at Boxer Property is equipped to assist and address any questions or concerns you may have regarding commercial real estate in Parsippany.

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How can I search for CRE in the Parsippany ?

Whether you are a small startup or a large expanding company, you can rely on commercial real estate web sites and industry publications to help you identify and secure a commercial real estate property. You can also contact your local commercial real estate broker for assistance.

Online Commercial real estate listings

When you’re ready to make the move to a new office space or retail unit, you will probably turn to the internet as a first step. Online information abounds today, allowing business owners to scan a great deal of property information such as price, floor plans, square footage and amenities easily and quickly.

Rely on Boxer Property for up-to-date information in the Parsippany area. We update our database upon the close of each transaction so you can be certain you have recent information while you are conducting your search. Our live agents are waiting to help with your search as well as answer your questions.

You may also want to consider our executive suites that provide private space alongside shared common conference rooms and break areas at no extra charge. Talk with us about multiple amenities that are available for free for our tenants.

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How do I find commercial properties for lease in New Jersey ?

Every New Jersey office space we list comes with a wealth of information. Each listing includes helpful images such as floor plans and interior and exterior photos. As well as vital information such as square footage. Peruse our website for real-time changes in our site inventory, and chat with one of our live agents online for more information. For many of our properties, you can book a same-day tour.

No matter what the size and scope of your business, our range of commercial leases is built to fit your needs. We offer small leases with single room offices, large leases with full floor rentals and everything in between. Enjoy free amenities such as Wi-Fi, break out rooms, and meeting rooms when you lease one of our Workstyle New Jersey executive suites.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

Here on our site, we provide detailed floor plans so you can get a good idea of how a space is laid out before you tour it. These floor plans, as well as information about building features, amenities and surrounding areas are available on our site. Our collection of floor plans includes both full floors and executive suites.

Below is a sample of one of our commercial property floor plans. (Eagle Rock Executive Office IV, located at 120 Eagle Rock Avenue in New Jersey).

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Where do I find commercial property for sale in Parsippany ?

There are advantages and disadvantages to leasing and buying commercial real estate depending on many factors. Our customer service staff can walk you through some of this analysis, and if you decide that buying is a smarter option for your organization, we can help you purchase the right property.

Our acquisitions team includes asset managers and brokers with years of experience. They are prepared to explain the process and provide tips, details and data about purchasing a commercial building.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Commercial property is sold by Boxer Property as well as by other third-party sellers in the Parsippany area. We work with our clients to find the best property to meet unique needs. If that means referring outside our own company, we are happy to do that. Our goal is your goal, and we understand that find you the best property will benefit all the parties involved. We also offer property management, marketing and other asset management services for new or renovated spaces in the area.

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Parsippany CRE Market Research Sources

Stay in touch with both news and information about Boxer Property’s acquisitions and sales on our blog. We’ve also pulled together a great deal of information about the local economy so businesses have easy access to tips and information that can provide additional support.

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