To accommodate prospective business clients and their unique requirements, Boxer Property has access to an extensive inventory of retail and office spaces in the Medical Center area.

Below is a sampling of business properties that are currently available for lease in the Medical Center area and Houston markets. Our representatives can also assist you in searching for commercial real estate utilizing our computerized inventory of buildings.


Featured Houston Office locations:


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Stay up-to-date with Boxer Property. Below is a small sample for recent commercial real estate transactions for the Medical Center area.



You can choose to research on your own to locate a commercial real estate property or enlist the help of a commercial real estate broker to assist you. 

Online Commercial real estate listings

Many prospective business clients choose to use the Internet to search for commercial real estate. Boxer Property is available to assist you every step of the way to make your search process as smooth as possible.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Boxer Property works heavily with external brokers so that tenants who are represented have access to relevant data. Moreover, our company employs experienced brokers who work in-house to aid tenants with locating properties that meet their requirements. We also have business relationships with commercial real estate brokers and their clients using our Quick Start Referral System. 

Where do I find commercial property for sale in Medical Center ?

Boxer Property maintains relevant data on our entire Medical Center office spaces, including photos, floor schematics, measurements and other related information. We make every effort to update property data as it becomes available in real-time. Business clients can speak with on-site representatives via live chat and can arrange a property tour, sometimes on the same day.

We specialize in a variety of commercial leases, ranging from one-room office spaces to entire-floor rentals. The Workstyle Medical Center executive suites are equipped with no-cost extras, such as collaborative work areas, conference areas and free Wi-Fi.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

To assist our clients with renting a business office space, Boxer Property provides detailed information about our full- floor and executive suites, including floor layouts. Our leasing representatives can also assist with valuable information, including extra conveniences and near-by businesses. Find an illustration of a floor plan for one of our properties located at 1322 Space Park Drive in Houston, here.

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Where Do I find a Commercial Property for Sale in Highway 290 ?

Locating commercial real property information via the Internet can prove challenging, especially since many databases are outdated. Boxer Property syncs transactions in real-time, so access to timely information is always accessible. We provide access to information about our acquisitions via press releases, available through our website and through other trade publications.

Feel free to get in touch with our acquisitions department for more about purchasing commercial properties in houston. We have highly trained commercial real property professionals ready to assist you.

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Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Boxer Property controls the majority of the properties within our portfolio. We can also connect prospective buyers to properties outside of our portfolio. Our company focuses on increasing value in buildings that lack in performance by providing functions, such as marketing, property management and renovation. Learn more details regarding our asset offerings here.

Medical Center CRE Market Research Sources

Many helpful resources are available to assist you in locating up-to-date news and developments. The Boxer Property blog is one resource that serves to broadcast newly sold and purchased commercial real estate. In addition, our company provides helpful tips and information for newly formed and long-standing business clients. Below, you will find additional resources that you can use to locate additional details about commercial real estate in Medical Center.


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© Boxer Property, All Rights Reserved