If you're looking to rent or buy commercial real estate property in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Boxer Property can assist you. We have multiple facilities that can be used for retail stores, office space or any other business purpose throughout the Boston metropolitan area.

Here we list the commercial real estate properties that are currently available in the Marlborough and Boston areas as well as in neighboring towns. Call one of our live representatives for more information or to assist with finding the perfect commercial rental to meet your growing business’ needs.

Featured Boston Office locations:

67 Forest Street

85 Swanson Road



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Boxer Property wants to keep you informed. We are constantly working to obtain new commercial space and renovate under-used buildings that can meet the varying needs of our clientele. Check back in this space often to learn about recent commercial real estate updates in the Marlborough area.

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To find the best commercial real estate properties online, check out our comprehensive database, browse through industry publications or search local real estate resources. Commercial real estate brokers may also have a great deal of information to share that will help you in your search.

Online Commercial real estate listings

Everyone these days turns to the internet to gather information. Locating commercial real estate is no different. Technology allows you to search and sort through a lot of property listings quickly and efficiently right from your desk. Sometimes, you may have additional questions that cannot be answered with the posted information. When that happens, be sure to call Boxer Property as our live agents are prepared to provide more details and assistance. 

Commercial real estate brokers

Our organization offers experienced brokers to help search through properties and narrow down options for your business. Although we have an extensive database and hold many commercial real estate properties, we recognize that other outside brokers may be able to provide additional information and assistance. Our Quick Start Referral System helps outside brokers by providing their smaller clients with the assistance they need.

How Do I Find Commercial Properties for Lease in Marlborough?

You can start by searching Boxer Property's database. We pride ourselves in collecting complete information about our properties including square footage, floor plans and photo galleries, and we automatically update our database upon every transaction so you have the most current information at your fingertips. View our full listing of Boston office spaces for lease here. Once you have narrowed down your search, call us for additional details or to make arrangements to visit your final choices at your convenience.

Whether you are a single entrepreneur with a great business idea that needs a small professional space or you are heading up a growing business that now requires an expanded office area, Boxer Property is ready to help. Our listings include small spaces, full-floor spaces and Workstyle executive suites, which offer a number of free amenities such as Wi-Fi and conference rooms.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

Floor plans can provide you a snapshot of what the commercial real estate space looks like. You can gather information about layout, size of offices, and flow of employees. Take a look at our online floor plans to narrow down your search. Once you have a good feel for the best layout to meet your needs, select a few top picks and give us a call. Our live agents can provide further details about neighboring businesses or included amenities. 

Where do I find commercial property for sale in Marlborough?

You can search online or through industry publications to locate commercial property in Marlborough. However, be aware that some of the information can go quickly out of date. Boxer Property updates all our information, particularly availability, in real-time so you will never be left trying to visit a property that has already been rented.

Our experienced asset managers and brokers are ready to provide the information you need if you are considering purchasing a commercial building.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Although Boxer Property works hard to purchase a wide variety of buildings, we recognize that other sellers may have space that better meets your needs. We are pleased to partner with them in providing you the best office solution options. In addition, we work with under-used buildings to renovate and update them so they will be useful for business owners again. We can provide marketing and property management services as well. Asset services is another one of our expertise areas and you can learn more here.

Marlborough CRE Market Research Sources

When you're in the market for commercial real estate, it's important to keep your finger on the pulse of developing news and deals. Boxer Property publishes a blog on our site to help you stay informed about our recent purchases and sales. Find helpful tips and important information about the area for your business here.

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