Highway 290 Commercial Real Estate For Lease

With over 6 million square feet of commercial real estate for lease and sale in the Houston area, Boxer Property has a prime selection of office space available for businesses in along Highway 290 in Houston, TX. Our wide variety of retail and office space locations along the Northwest Freeway come equipped with amenities crucial to a business’ operations.



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Featured Highway-290 Office locations:

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How do I find commercial properties for lease in Highway 290 ?

Our site has all you need to know about new commercial real estate properties including square footage, photos, floor plans and more. Our dynamic updates make it possible to browse suite availability as it changes. You can even visit properties the same day when you book an appointment with one of our on-site live chat agents.

If you need an executive space with full amenities, have a look at our Workstyle executive suites in the Northwest Freeway area of Houston. They come fully equipped with conference rooms, break-out rooms and free Wi-Fi.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

We offer properties in a range of sizes, from large and small commercial spaces to one-room offices and full-floor rentals. Save time by perusing detailed floor plans so you know what to expect before you tour our whole-floor and executive spaces.

For additional information about the property, contact our leasing representatives. They can tell you more about surrounding businesses, amenities and more. View an example of the types of commercial property floor plans we offer.



Where Do I find Commercial Property for Sale in Highway 290 ?

You can count on our records to be the most relevant and up-to-date because our database updates itself automatically as soon as a transaction takes place. You can read about our newest commercial real estate acquisitions either on our website or in popular industry publications.

If you need further details, contact our acquisitions team for assistance.


Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

We focus on bringing value to our underachieving properties by means of renovations, property management, marketing, and many other functions. You can find out more about our asset management services here.

Most of the commercial real estate you see on our website are part of our portfolio. However, if you need a third-party owned building, we can connect you with them. We take care to upgrade and renovate the properties in our portfolio. We perform property management, marketing and other functions to maintain these buildings and get them ready for market.

Highway 290 CRE Market Research Sources

There are numerous resources for learning about available commercial real estate. Visit our blog to stay abreast of recent acquisitions. You can also get helpful information for growing your small business. The following list provides more places to get learn about new commercial real estate on Highway 290 in Houston.

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