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Boxer Property is among the key contributors to commercial real estate development in the Harwin area of Houston, TX. We have over six million square feet of commercial real estate for sale and lease in Houston. We own spacious offices and retail outlets tailored to meet the needs of businesses looking for office space. You can easily find a listing of our commercial real estate located in Harwin and other parts of Houston, TX.



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How do I Find a Commercial Real Estate Property to Lease or Rent ?

Finding an office space to rent in Harwin is not a problem, as we have a large database containing a list of properties, their sizes and the rental rate for each space. We also have an extensive collection of photos and floor plans for each property. You can initiate contact with our agents and book a tour in many of our properties usually within the same day. Our company deals with a wide variety of properties with unique and modern features. Our Workstyle executive offices come equipped with Wi-Fi, modern coworking common areas, and conference room usage.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

For those who love to get into details, we provide plans of our buildings to make sure you settle for something you are fully satisfied with. The plans are available for full floor and executive suites so that you can make an informed decision after touring the property. Our agents are more than willing to take you through the space and explain anything that might be unclear. They will also help you locate surrounding buildings, infrastructure, and amenities.



Where Do I find a Commercial Property for Sale in Harwin ?

Though the internet helps us get information conveniently and quickly, sometimes we encounter a lot of outdated and misleading information, especially when it comes to commercial real estate. Our company’s online and offline sources are regularly updated so that clients can receive helpful and relevant information. We usually post recent acquisitions in our online platform and press releases. We also have a team of qualified individuals who will help you get a property in the right place.



Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

We own most of the commercial real estate properties in Harwin. We are always willing to help potential buyers by connecting them to owners of third party buildings. We focus on adding more value to our buildings while at the same time helping others grow. We repair and upgrade our under-performing buildings to ensure they meet the set standards. At the same time, we market them in different platforms to create awareness and build our market presence.

Harwin CRE Market Research Sources

We have a fully functional blog where you can find extra information about real estate development and our new listings. We also give useful tips for upcoming real estate developers and agents to help them grow and make a fortune for themselves.

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