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Boxer Property provides several million square feet in commercial real estate for sale and lease in Fort Worth, Texas. Find the listings of Fort Worth market for lease and sale are provided within locations all over the metropolitan area ranging from North Fort Worth to DFW City View. Boxer Property's Fort Worth listings are covering all property types, including Retails, Office Space, Industrial Property and much more.

Look below to find a listing of commercial buildings for sale or lease. We have commercial listings available in Fort Worth as well as many other locations.

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Fort Worth CRE NEWS:

We will always keep you informed with current news updates from Boxer Property. New properties that meet our customers’ needs are a top priority for us. That is why you can stay up-to-date with our real estate listings below. Here are the latest news updates about commercial real estate in the Fort Worth area.

How Can I Search for CRE In Fort Worth ?

Finding commercial real estate can be a straightforward process using Boxer Property. You have the option of locating some properties on your own and contacting us to reserve the listing. However, you can also go through the process of finding a listing by using the services of a broker.

Online Commercial Real Estate Listings

Looking for online commercial listings have never been easier. Many of our building owners and tenants have made the step to acquiring commercial property just by performing a comprehensive online search. We work hard to make the process much easier by providing commercial property information that you want to know, such as square footage, location, and the number of suites available.

Furthermore, you can also talk with one of our live agents to help you get started with finding the commercial building that is right for your business needs.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Working extensively with outside brokers is a fundamental priority that allows us to find the best properties and information for our customers. Our Quick Start Referral System allows commercial real estate brokers to get their smaller clients the help they need to find the right office space. However, we have many experienced in-house brokers that can assist our customers in finding the right commercial real estate property for their needs.

How do I find commercial properties for lease in Fort Worth?

At Boxer Property, we maintain a comprehensive list of commercial properties for sale and Fort Worth office space for lease that includes floor plans, photo galleries, square footage, and many more details that we know will help our customers move forward with a property that is right for them. We provide frequent updates in real time for all of our listings. You have the convenient option of chatting with a live Boxer Property agent to set up a same-day tour for many of our properties in Fort Worth and Dallas.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

We provide full details concerning executive suites in fort worth , complete floor plans, and any options that are available for our commercial property listings. Contact our leasing agents so that they can assist you with locating additional details that might help you to move forward with your commercial property decision.

Take a look below for an example of what one of our commercial building floor plans will look like.

fort worth commercial building floor plan

Where do I find commercial property for sale in Fort Worth ?

Sifting through outdated commercial real estate offers can be very time consuming. However, we pride ourselves in making the process much easier by maintaining an updated list of commercial property options for our customers.

We have created an automatically synced system that updates our available listings, and removes unavailable commercial property leases when it occurs.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Although Boxer Property has ownership of most commercial real estate offerings in our boxer portfolio, we have the ability to connect our buyers with knowledgeable third party building owners. At Boxer Property, we focus on delivering added value to the local community by renovating properties through property management services, property overhauls, and marketing services. You can find out additional information about our commercial asset services by clicking here.

fort worth commercial real estate for sale

Fort Worth CRE Market Research Sources

Are you looking for news and development information concerning commercial real estate offerings? Please read our blog that contains articles concerning our recently sold properties. We also maintain helpful articles that provides important tips for growing businesses and ideal information for small business owners. Here are a few options to find more information about the Fort Worth, Texas area:

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