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coworking office space in fort worth perfect coworking office space fort worth june 22 2024Traditional Dallas and Fort Worth office space is always available, but usually at premium rates. This is why Dallas and Fort Worth coworking spaces have stepped up to fill the void. Small companies find that having their workers report to such a location, is all they need to run their business efficiently. For entrepreneurs and writers, coworking spaces grant them both privacy and a professional office where clients can meet with them.

Co-working spaces versus traditional office rentals

Today’s entrepreneur, writer or marketing consultant has little in common with their counterpart of only a few years ago. While most people previously worked in an assigned corporate office or designated cubicle space, it is now possible to conduct business from all over the city. As long as one has their smart-phone, laptop and access to basic accessories like printers, it is easy to advance careers from home or away.

When looking for Fort Worth office space for an individual or small company, there are certain things to look for. Most Dallas and Fort Worth coworking spaces are available on contracted monthly rates, eliminating the need to sign a commercial lease for an extended period of time. In addition, most Fort Worth and Dallas coworking spaces are open during the weekend as a courtesy to the business owners they serve.

Wide range of working environments

Luckily, the Dallas Fort Worth area is home to an impressive variety of locations. All you need to do is select what is right for your personality and the type of work you do. This comes into play, as an accounting group may not feel comfortable in an office set-up dedicated to more creative pursuits. Another thing to consider, is whether you will require a conference room for client meetings or equipment rentals to further assist your line of employment.

Within the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area, here are some locations that have become popular:

Name: Fort Work

Address: Downtown Dallas, Texas

Description: For that person or small company that wishes to be located downtown, there can be no better place to set up shop. Fort Work contains a 20,000 foot space perfect for events, a display gallery, two stories of work space and five separate conference rooms for rent.

Hours of operation: 24/7

Costs: All this is available for as little as $59 for up to eight days usage per month. For those interested in joining on a full time basis with access to their conference rooms, this popular option is only $99 per month. Rates go as high as $199 per month for those people who prefer ongoing desk space and complete access to the facility.


Name: coLAB Workspace

Address: Fort Worth, Texas

Description: This is a wonderful place for start-up companies to get their footing in the world of business or technology. Not only can you rent individual desks, there are close to 30 suites that can be rented for small companies and employee meetings. Should you need to hold a meeting with up to twelve participants, they have a conference room for rental as well. What sets this space apart from its competitors, may be the courtyard they offer for breaks and relaxation.

Hours of operation: Suites are available on a 24/7 basis. General space is open daily from 5:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Costs: $850 per month for larger suites and $775 per month for smaller suites. An economical option is to rent a desk for as little as $150 per month.


Name: Backlot FW

Address: Fort Worth, Texas

Description: This space has been designed to further creative ventures and entrepreneurial ideas. One of their most appealing features is studio space that can be rented for the purpose of video taping or photography. Backlot FW also offers gear that can be rented for use within their facility.
Hours of operation: Monday through Friday from 9 am – 6 pm for “Drive On” service and 24/7 access for those who choose their “Director in Residence” package.

Costs: The Drive On rate is $150 per month. For those who would like to be a Director in Residence, the rate is $375 per month with a three month minimum contract. In addition, the Director in Residence package comes with a personal mug and unlimited access to the beer keg in their studio. Best of all, this deluxe option comes with one studio rental each month at no additional cost.


Name: Nod (pronounced “Node”)

Address: North Dallas, Texas

Description: This locale is geared to start up groups, small companies and working individuals. It contains “dedicated desks” and event spaces for classes and parties. What sets Nod apart, is its lounge and on-site mentors that will assist anyone who needs their guidance.

Hours: Open 24/7

Costs: $500 for private offices, $200 for desk space, and $150 for shared spaces throughout the facility.


Name: The Dallas Entrepreneur Center

Address: Dallas West End, Texas

Description: The DEC as it is known, has both individual workspaces and shared space for rent. What draws start up companies to its midst, are the mentors and advisers who are available to assist small business owners. Another draw is the fact that no matter what level you rent at, everyone is offered complete access to the facility.

Hours: 24/7 Access for all

Costs: $1,100 for a pod of four desks, $750 for a dedicated space, $350 for desk space and $250 to share the many open work spaces within the center.


Name: Weld

Address: The Design District

Description: This is a space developed especially for those who practice photography, graphic design or other creative pursuits. They offer photography studios and camera equipment for rental. Of course, they have offices and desk as well for one’s administrative needs.

Hours: Open 24/7 for Welder members and Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm for Lite members.

Costs: A Welder membership is available for $400 per month. To start, you may want to explore their Lite membership at only $150 per month.


Name: Kaleidoscope for Her

Address: White Space in the West End

Description: This is a space designed for women in the workplace, by women in the workplace. They seek to offer a community atmosphere where women can get their businesses started with support from their peers. Women who are entrepreneurs may also want to take courses they offer to help their businesses grow and prosper. On-site mentors offer career advice and counseling.

Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

Costs: $350 for a monthly membership. Additional services like mentoring, etc. are available for $150-200 per month.


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