East Hanover Commercial Real Estate For Lease

If you’re looking for a commercial real estate property to rent or buy in East Hanover, New Jersey, contact Boxer Property for more information. We lease and sell commercial buildings in the East Hanover area and surrounding neighborhoods.

Find our currently available commercial real estate properties for lease, below. We offer a wide variety of properties and will work with you to find an ideal space for your business.

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How can I search for CRE in the East Hanover ?

East Hanover commercial real estate property listings are online or published in a variety of industry trade magazines. You can also contact one of the many real estate brokers in the area for assistance.

Online Commercial real estate listings

No matter if you’re a small business owner seeking a single room to rent or an executive of a major company looking to expand, Boxer Property can find you a space to suit your needs. Online listings provide a great deal of information including space descriptions, photo galleries, square footage and geographic area descriptions. If you have additional questions after reviewing online listings, be sure to call us for more information or answers. Our live agents are waiting to help you in any way they can.

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How do I find commercial properties for lease in East Hanover ?

We have pulled together a great deal of data about all of our East Hanover properties including pictures, square footage and floor plans. Boxer Property’s database is updated as soon as transactions are closed. On-site agents are ready to answer questions and to work with you to arrange an onsite visit to any property, usually on the same day.

Our organization is prepared to meet the needs of both start-up and major companies. We offer a myriad of spaces from single room offices to full floor spaces. Boxer Property’s signature executive suites, Workstyle, are a great value because they come equipped with amenities such as Wi-Fi internet, coffee break areas, collaborative work areas, and conference rooms at no charge.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

Detailed floor plans are easy to access online for all Boxer Property’s commercial real estate properties. Check out numerous options easily and quickly from your desk. This will reduce the time invested by allowing you to visit only the offices that reach the top of your list. Make an informed decision before leasing a commercial space by considering different office floor plans before you visit. Our live agents are available to chat online and can provide additional details. See what a commercial property floor plan looks like:

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Where do I find commercial property for sale in East Hanover ?

Properties for sale are also available throughout the New Jersey area. If you are looking for something to buy, contact Boxer Property. We have many buildings that may fit the bill. If you spend time searching on our database, you will know that you have current information because we synchronize our information as soon as acquisitions are closed.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Boxer Property owns many buildings in the East Hanover district, but we also know many third-party property owners who may have something that can better meet your needs. Our goal is to help you find the best commercial real estate property for your business.

Our acquisitions team can help provide a great deal of guidance and information about purchasing a property. Our team also performs property management services, marketing services and renovations of area buildings. See more information about our asset management services below.

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East Hanover CRE Market Research Sources

When you’re in the market for leasing or buying a commercial real estate property, be sure to keep your ears open to the latest news. Boxer Property’s blog gives you our information as soon as it’s available regarding sales and acquisitions. You can get economic news in the area at some of the links below. We provide these links to help small and large businesses stay on top of developments that can affect their business.

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