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The Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is responsible for setting strategy and implementing revenue-related activity across a portfolio of affiliated companies.  Areas of responsibility include marketing, sales, pricing, customer success, technology, training, and analytics, with a particular focus on partnerships and channel relationships, and technology enablement.  The CRO will have varying levels of involvement in portfolio companies, from advisory or oversight to filling key positions on a fractional basis, working with dedicated and shared teams and resources.  Portfolio companies include professional services, technology, insurance, real estate, energy, and other sectors.  The CRO also assists in evaluating new investment opportunities. The CRO adds value throughout the lifecycle of our companies, from startup to growth, to maturity or disposition, and leverages skills across multiple industries.  Given this scope, success factors include working across disparate products and teams and effectively intervening through both hands-on work and advisory support.

This is an executive level position with significant expectations relating to quality of work, team and project management, and the ability to conceive of and execute revenue-oriented activities that materially advance the capabilities and success of the portfolio companies.  This in-office role is based in Houston.

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